Friday Fives – fill in the blanks

as always, from my wonderful editor.

Image result for vacation mandala

I’m mad about  _____people who don’t use turn signals.  Not a ticket.  Should have car taken away.  Also, people who don’t have their lights on in really bad weather.  I am especially looking at you… people in white sedans driving in white out conditions with no lights.  You are invisible.


I’m sad about  ______ the state of the presidency.  How newer and worse scandals appear every day and he seems to skate every time.  He said during a rally, “I could walk down 5th avenue in New York City and shoot someone… and it would get me more votes.”  First off, who the fuck talks light that… especially running for president.  Secondly?  He is right.

I’m numb to  ______ most of the news of the criminality of the current presidency.  I realize the really bad news will NEVER trickle down to the people who need to know it… those who voted for him.  They will be told, and believe, that everything is fine and that they are now winning at life

I’m looking forward to _______ the midterms, when he loses controls of congress and the senate.  We can begin to slowly Mitch McConnell everything he does.  Mitch McConnell?  FUCK that guy.  He is a congressman who spent 8 years blocking everything Obama did… out of principle.  He is the one who has worked his life off to block everything about the affordable health care act, but never ONCE offered a solution or improvement.  Just bitched about what was in place.  He is a monster who hates democracy and doesn’t deserve to serve… or even live.  He may be the biggest piece of shit in the history of Congress, with due respect to Strom Thurmond.

Just look at this guy.  This isn’t photoshopped.  When you think of the GOP being the iold guard of rich white people trying to keep everyone down… this is that face.

I always stop to look when ______ there is a public safety situation.  That’s my jam.  I am no courageous first responder.  But I am Emergency County operations team, Red Cross, CERT certified, and a ton of other stuff.  All volunteer stuff, around my regular corporate office job.


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