Friday Fives – summertime, and the livin’s easy

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 It’s already June, for crying out loud!  What is your earliest summer memory? 

Swimming.  All my fondest memories of Phx involve swimming. Back then, summers were a full 3 months.  You had memorial day to labor day to do whatever.  Our parents were working.  At least, mine were  So… we were wild in the streets:  rapin’, murdering’, maxin & relaxin’?  No.  I’m 7.  Actually, it was pretty much my entire life… from about 7 to 18… summers off and parent’s working.  What do you do?  What I did was swim.

It is positively the thing I miss most about Phx.  People don’t have pools in Denver, and nor should they.  Swimming season would be too short.  Unless you had a heated pool.  I kinda do.  It’s a jacuzzi.

what’s the stupidest thing you’ve done as a kid over summer vacation. 

Too many to mention.  You know the phrase ‘idle hands are the devil’s playground’.  FACT.  So, here is a small, and dumb, little thing that I remember.  We were climbing around the school, getting up on the roof.  Most of our summer days also were spent at the school.  This is because they did ‘rec center’.  This was to open up the gym, have a teacher oversee, and let kids play basketball or ping pong or whatever.

anyhow, on to the stupid thing I did.  I got myself into a situation where I was too high on the roof, and couldn’t get down.  We didn’t have ladders to get on the room.  It was more of a slow parkour move.  We got to a point where we have to leave to go home and I had a very high jump I had to do to get down and I was just terrified.  I spent about an hour up there panicking.  I finally did the jump, and I was fine.  But that fear… I remember that.

It was really great.  It was free, something to do, somewhere centrally located for all of our friends, and (most importantly) air conditioned.

Do you have any summer traditions?

Sweating! We don’t have AC in our house, and we never had had AC since we lived in Colorado (21 years).  I know it’s a first world problem, but July and August can just suck ass.  The upside is that we are at work during the heat of the day.  However, the early evenings are just as not if not hotter inside.

What did you summer look like 15 years ago?

Just like this, but I was in the suburbs instead of out in the plains with a little bit of land.  Other than that, absolutely no different.  Wifey and I working, couple dogs, no kids, living the American dream.  Mostly, though, it just feels like I am at work every waking moment.  Oh well, at least work at AC.

 What do you hate about summer?

Wait!  You didn’t ask me what I like about summer, did you?  Well, I’mma gonna finish, anyway.  I LOVE the long days.  It is nice when I can get home from work and still do work on the property.  For the wifey, she loves it when she can come home and ride the horses.  Longer days are awesome!



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