Friday Fives – elders, dance crazes, and sprinkler compactors

Invent a drinking game to play in the retirement home. 

Every time someone around you mentions a body pain… 1 shot of bourbon

Every time someone around you complains about the staff… 1 shot of high fiber protein drink

Invent a new must-have kitchen appliance

The ‘trash compactor’!  Take all your waste, and do what industrial companies do… smoosh it down to a tiny cube.  Take up a smaller waste and global footprint… and take our your garbage less often.

*** wait… you say this exists?  Your Aunt had one?  Yeah, 30 years ago.  When was the last time you saw one?  Why aren’t these everywhere?  Why aren’t these mandatory?  Ron Popeill, get on this shit!

A new fashion craze takes over the nation. What is it?

Minimalism.  Clothes are expensive, so is hoarding them.  Most climates are getting marketedly warmer, as promised.  So far this year, Colorado is having is second hottest summer in recorded history.  So, clothes become super light weight, and people began printing them at home.

“Well, gonna do a dance and it goes like this  And the name of the dance is ” (Name the dance)

I actually got this to take off in a club in Mexico.  It’s called the Sprinkler®.  You mimic the activity of a rotating sprinkler head.  HEY… don’t laugh. Apparently, the shopping cart is a thing.

45s, LPs, Reel Tape, 8 track, cassettes, CDs, MP3s.  Invent what is next.

Air.  Nothingness.  People won’t buy physical music anymore.  It is all virtual, or in the cloud, or on your phone.  Physical media is becoming a thing of the past, which is a shame.  How do we capture it for posterity?  How do you listen if you internet goes down?  I still buy physical CDs.  Now… get off my lawn!


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