Friday fives – flying with the fish

Image result for fish mandala

If you could be either a fish or a bird, which would you be, and why?

A bird, so I could fly.  Why?  Let’s go back to the age old dilemma:  if you were a superhero, would you choose invisibility or flight?  No one asked, ever, if they wanted to be a fish.

Pasta salad or potato salad?

Pasta salad.  I’d rather be a fucking fish than eat potato salad.  Who writes this shit? What did I do to deserve these questions?

Burgers or Brats?

Either would be fine, thank you for asking.

Would you rather it be 10 degrees too hot or 10 degrees too cold?

The warmer.  I have some heartiness and reserve built up from growing up in Phx.

Is youth wasted on the young?

No.  here is why:  like everyone on earth, I would KILL (you) to have the brain and knowledge and experience I have now in the body of a 20 year old.  Were that possible, 20 year olds would be ambitious and unstoppable monsters.  Its best they are stupid and harmless narcissists who simply drive very badly and believe marketing.


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