Friday Fives – not gonna say the word ‘hack’ any more!

Image result for windshield  mandala
  • Do you have an automobile lifehack?

Yes, regarding snow.  You do your windshield briefly, but that is NOT enough.  MUST lift up your wipers and get ALL that out. That is where your wipers will get stuck or frozen.  Plus, most modern cars put a heating element there, akin to your rear window (thank you Subaru for pioneering that).  You gotta give it a chance to win, though. Clean that shit off. Seriously, this will change your winter life.

  • Do you have a great kitchen lifehack?

Yes, this thing.  Greatest thing in the world.  I have raved about it before. When I am going to cook, before I even know what I am going to do, I pull out this thing, my cutting board, and I sharpen my knives.

*** editors note – we think its called a ‘bench scraper’. Buy one quick, or the author will never talk to you again. Seriously, its that good. Btw… we are not even sure the technical official use for this. It may be for dough. Kevin Hart would say ‘that’s gay’!

  • Do you have a great bathroom/shower lifehack?

No.  This shouldn’t be a revolution, but I always have reading material there.  Usually multiple sources – a book, a magazine, and a longreads article. I spend every free second reading and learning.  Mostly about stupid rock news on my phone, but am still always learning. In fact, this goes up top at automobile hacks… books on tape!  I make my drive entertaining and learning. I listen to podcasts and books on tape, not music. Well, ok, some music. 40% music, prolly.

  • Do you have a great computer/entertainment lifehack

If I did, and I don’t… but if I did, it would be this computer here.  It’s a chrome book. $200, and it does everything my $800 laptop did, but play DVDs.   I don’t think I ever watched a DVD on my laptop. I was, for a brief and foolish period, a mac guy.  They make DOPE ass laptops. Their price point, though, starts WELL over a grand. So… fuck that. I went to windows, where I could get a great laptop for $600 to $800.   That computer started slowing to a glacial pace after just a couple of years (yes, I keep it scrubbed thoroughly with ant

  • What is your life change lifehack that everyone must know?

How about this, stop using that fucking term.  It is burned, cooked, over. Buzzfeed has ruined it for everyone.


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