Friday Fives – Spring into slumber

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What is your least favorite part of Spring?

There is absolutely no downside I can think of.  Well, cleaning.  But, I don’t mind cleaning.  Long as I can work by myself and at my own pace.  Last weekend, we cleaned out the office and the garage and it’s a pretty great feeling.

What is your most favorite part of Spring? 

There are two, and only, months where everything will be green.  April and May.  By June, everything is dead and brown and sad.  I live out East of things.  Our climate and terrain is more Kansas plains than Rocky Mountains.  Yes, tornado country.  This means there is wild grasses everywhere, and by June its all died up and brown.  This means fire season.  April is the joyous and brief period of total beauty.

What is the latest good book you’ve read?

Glad you asked.  I track them all here.  This is every book I have read in the last 10 years or so.  I think the biggest mind blowing book experience I have had was ‘A Ladies Life in the Rockies’.  It is the best and most unique writing I have read in years.  Isabella Bird is a breathe of fresh air, even though her writing is 130 years old.  She has several other books about her travels in the ‘Orient’.

I was SO looking forward to them, until I found none of them on audiobook.  For me to read a proper book book, it takes a few years.  Seriously, I have SO little time to sit and read.  And, I am too big a spaz to be able to relax and read.  ADD.  With audiobooks, though, I go through a book about every three weeks.  All that time driving and sitting in traffic?  I put it to work to learn and be entertained.  So should you.  100% of my book reading is now done via audiobooks.  Around the house, I am reading magazines or interesting articles from these folks.  and these folks.  If I am feeling really righteous*** and thinky, I’ll also hit up these good folks.

*** do you have any idea how hard that word is to spell?  I was so far off my first few attempts that even spellcheck was all ‘wtf, bro?’  That word, like the word yacht, tells phonetics to go f itself, and then kicks phonetics in the balls.  Those two words hang out at schools that teach English as a second language and remind these poor immigrants that they will never understand English.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Work.  If it is warm again, I’ll start working around the property.  Last weekend was the first warm weekend since Nov.  It has snowed every single weekend since Christmas.  Once the warm weather hits, it’s time to work on the property and all the stuff we have joyously neglected all Winter.  Fixing horse fencing, and other country song lyrics.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?


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