Friday Fives – maybe Oswald killed the 60s

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Is there a particular historical period or event, anywhere in the world, that fascinates you?

Oh yeah, the Kennedy shooting Dallas.  Am endlessly fascinated by that, as are many.  We even went to the site, Daley Plaza. I was in Dallas for something else… but was going to make sure I was there.  It was much smaller than I imagined. Except for the sniper building, everything was smaller than i imagined, just like Stonehenge.  You could throw a tennis ball from behind the fence to the spot where Kennedy was shot. Dudes could have thrown rocks!

Would you like to visit that time, or live in it permanently, or does the whole idea make you want to run screaming?

The latter.  As for a time and a place… a period… give me San Francisco in 66 or 67.  Not 1969. It was a meth addled shit show by then, sadly.

What’s the best piece of historical writing, nonfiction or fiction, you’ve ever read?

A Ladies Life in the Rockies – Isabella J Bird (written in the 1890s, an English woman crossing the Rockies alone on a horse.  I can not say enough good things about this book, this story, the author, or the terrific history insight.  She was a Forrest Gump of Colorado in 1896.

What’s the worst?

Our president

Is there a historical site you would love to visit?

The Alamo.  Just kidding.  No interest in that.  I wouldn’t even go if I was there.  But seriously, didn’t we just ask and answer this question above?  I suspect we did. In fact, I suspect you are reworking the same questions to see if I trip up in my answers.  Classic interrogation technique. You ain’t never gonna catch me, coppers!

  • Note, I am in hour three of a Dateline binge and… hopped up on pain meds



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