Friday Fives – fan boys and Macholes

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What’s a huge waste of money that people are still paying for in 2019?

Apple products

What’s something only assholes buy?

Apple products

(tee hee hee, this is fun).  See, when my Macbook died, I wanted to replace it.  $2,000.  Instead, I bought a Chrome book that does the same stuff… for $200.

3. What’s something someone could do or say in the US that scream “I’m from Europe”?

Can I have some mayo for my fries crisps?

4. Who was the dumbest person you ever met? How did you know?

umm… pass.  can we come back to that one?

5. What’s a dumb rule or law in your city or at your work?

That pot companies can’t use banks.  It is BEYOND terrible.  First off, the pot stores aren’t going to declare and pay taxes on what they make.  Also, those folks have to leave each night with a duffel bag full of cash they can’t put in a bank.  Where do you put that money if you can’t put it in a bank?  Aren’t you just waiting to get home invaded?  The pot business is now a legal billion dollar business, and its all run in cash like the 1930s.  I don’t smoke pot, and don’t care about it one way or the other.  Since we legalized it, though, it should be bank friend.  ALL this does is drive further the underground and black market.  All the people in the Fed who have kept pot a schedule 1 narcotic should be set on fire.  They are aggressively working against the interest of humans, and I don’t get why.  Maybe the Christian Right is funding this?

I should go ask them, they are just down the way in the Springs.  I don’t know if they still run America, but they sure did when Bush Jr was president.  They were handpicking his appointees and even SCOTUS choices.


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