Friday Fives – it ain’t about bats!

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How do you take your tea?

Up the pooper (with Matte,  of course)  You?

God passes you the aux cord and let’s you put on a song for the entire world to listen to. Which song will you play?

The long lost acoustic secret version of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Angel’.  How secret? Even I don’t have a copy. Even the internet doesn’t have a copy.  In case God also doesn’t have a copy, we’ll do well to share ‘Into the Mystic’ from Van Morrison or ‘the Day Brings’ from Brad.  Any one of these tunes could join and save all humankind.   See how I am not linking to a version of Angel from Jimi Hendrix.  The song does indeed exist. It was released posthumously. However, the one they released is overproduced schlock.  The version I once heard (and have reason to believe the great Chris Young may physically possess) is so perfect that I won’t muddy it with the ‘official’ version.

Do you know how tiny his career was?  Not his influence, or his impact… but the actual career?  Stunningly short. He only released 3 albums in 3 years. Never had a hit with an original song.  Let’s be honest, unless you were Eric Clapton, not many knew or appreciated Jimi during his time.

What simple task are you surprisingly bad at?

Ironing.  It is totally lost on me.  Unless I am ironing a pocket square… it’s gonna be ugly.  I just can’t iron anything. For each straight line/run I create…  a makes new wrinkles underneath. I am not against ironing, I am just incapable.   And please do not for a minute thing I am pulling some kind of macho ‘women iron my clothes’ shit.  I wish I could iron. Luckily for me, there is an easy remedy. I drop them by my dry cleaners once a week.  $1.25 a shirt, problem solved. Even if I could iron… time is money!

What are you STILL mad about?

Fleetwood Mac choosing Stevie over Lindsay… and Stevie for putting them in that position.  You likely know Fleetwood Mac fired Lindsey Buckingham a couple years ago.  Stevie and Lindsay were fighting again, which isn’t news.  In fact, Stevie and Lindsay fighting is the best selling album of all time ‘Rumours’.   Before their latest re-union tour, Stevie told the others ‘either Lindsay goes or I go’.  When I say ‘they’, I can only assume this is about Mick Fleetwood It’s his band. You may also know that LONG before they became the California sound, they were an old crusty British Blues band.  Did you know Santana’s hit ‘Black Magic Woman’ is a Fleetwood Mac cover?

Too long a story told short – Lindsay Buckingham saved the band.  Hell, he saved the music industry. EVERY Fleetwood Mac song you know is likely written by Lindsay.  His includes all the great Stevie songs. Let me state without question – if there were no Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham would still be an epic guitar star and songwriting here.  If there were no Lindsay? Stevie would be your waitress at Chili’s who wears a ton of flare, but not in a hipster way.   Prolly in Sedona. I think Stevie owes just about everything to Lindsay.  So getting him booted from the band is beyond fucked up. And putting the band in that position?  Super dick move! Bonus? They literally broke his heart!  I know I am given to hyperbole and exaggeration… but they really actually broke they guy’s heart!  After the news, we found out Lindsay had to have some kind of open heart surgery.   Bad, huh?   Oh… it gets worse > AND… the surgery damaged his vocal chords.  He may never sing again.  Thanks a lot, Stevie!

Listen, I like Stevie.  Even saw a solo tour of hers.  She is from Phx, and briefly went to my high school.  Rumor had it that her folks owned ‘Compton Terrace’, which was the original outdoor shed (your city has one.  Half seated, half lawn. Odds are Eddie Money money might be playing there as we speak. And we all had a crush on her.  HOWEVER… and no point in time would I ever choose Stevie over Lindsay. That is like choosing Liam over Noel. Yeah, Liam is a good singer, but Noel wrote them ALL.   If you choose Stevie in this conflict, then you are on team Milli Vanilli, and likely kick puppies.

Phew.  ok. Listen… you asked!  Plus, its still only a few years ago.  Thing that makes this hurt the most is everyone is in their 60 or 70s now.  We may not have time for the classic Fleetwood Mac breakup cycle. Read this, Rolling Stone did a nice and brief piece just on breakups.

And if nothing else, people, his music makes Christie Brinkley appear!  EVERY time.  That alone should be worth some kind of medal.

Ok, so I am still mad about that.  And Fife Symington.  But mostly it’s just football injustices.  Guess that is a first world problem to have.

Mostly stupid sports related things.  Corey Dillon running 300 yards against the Broncos in a single game.  Coach Shanahan answering the press when they ask him how he is going to handle the Broncos going against the Bears who had the greatest special teams returner in history.  He said (of Devin Hester) “yeah, we are going to kick it to him.” Conventional wisdom is in a situation like that, you just kick it in the end zone. Or, ideally, down the field away from the returner where it bounces out of bounds.   OR… if for some gonzo reason you are really going to hand the ball to Hester… don’t announce it to everyone. Guess what happened? Dude ran back THREE kick returns. Man, watching Devin Hester was just an honor. Let’s see if we can find some clips.   Ooh… let’s not just link. Let’s embed! When stealing content from the NFL, its best to go big. Since they are a charity after all!

Dated: What’s the best music video you’ve ever seen?

Well, none of them seem to age well.  However, I love this quirky song so deeply that even this bizzare ass video holds a big place in my childhood.  Wait, that is just a great song, not a great video.  How about this one? I think it’s the fingerless gloves that somehow legitimized the band to me.  Oh, and I was lucky enough to see these guys live in their heyday! Saw them with the Police and Thompson Twins in about 1982.  That should move them to the top… and it might have.. Had they only the courage to wear overalls. This song is so great, as well, that is deserves and embed and not just a link.

Ok, in that video above… are they going for a look of the 50s?  I can’t tell. It’s England, and I certainly hadn’t been there when I was in 6th grade.  This look… is it retro, or punk? Is it working class? Is this just how people dress in England?  I had no idea, and I think that is what made it all so romantic!

Ok, can I lastly give props this video.  Watching this video looks almost too good to be true.  Do they really sound this good? Is the singer actually that intense?  Would he EVER hang from lighting rigging if there wasn’t a film crew around?  That answer to all those things is many times. I have seen them about 20 times, including 3 times just on this tour promoting their breakthrough ‘Ten’.  He did crazy shit like that every night of that tour, and likely many others.

OK, sorry I missed last week’s fives.  I have a good reason. I was on the beach in Mexico playing guitar.  Here is proof! Remember me thusly.  So, this is an extra long entry.


Mexico guitar beach 2019


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