Friday Fives – culinary bs

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Have you ever had a nightmare formal dining experience?

No.  But we rarely go out.  And pretty much never to really nice places.  We both like to cook, so why spend the money?  When we do go out to eat (about once a month), it is ALWAYS Mexican.  It’s not even discussed.

What is the worst thing to serve at an all you can eat buffet? 

Arson?  Chicken.  Chicken dries out so very easily.  Odds are, it was already dried out the minute they plated it.  If not, 10 minutes or more under a heat lamp will just leave you with shoe leather.  And chicken is my favorite food, so its hurts me to say this.

What is your quick to prepare and impress for company dinner to host with just minutes notice?

I regard myself as an incredible improv cook.  I used to call it drunk cooking, but I don’t drink much anymore.  Put me in your house.  You have a meat of some kind in the fridge or freezer?  A couple veggies?  Got a starch?  Got some spices?  Every middle age home has these things.  I can feed you all with something super tasty that is just pulled out of my (metaphoric) ass.   Go ahead, test me!

What is your grab and go reliable lunch to take to work?

Yogurt.  Yummy, portable, cheap, low sugar, and high protein.  (note how I still incorporate the Oxford comma in a group of four.  Don’t be a dick!)

What is your favorite dish that your mom used to make for you?

Many, but her beef stroganoff*** was my favorite.



*** spellcheck is telling me stroganoff is not a word.  Either I am spelling it wrong, or Bill Gates had a shitty childhood with no stroganoff.  Let’s just assume the latter.


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