a conversation with god at the end

Image result for god caricature

I figure it will be in two parts.  The first part will be just like ‘Defending your Life’.  This is where we look over critical decisions I made, and did I do the right thing?  Did I pick up that napkin on the sidewalk and throw it out?  Did I pull over and help that motorist?  Did I give him to charity?

I am pretty confident I will pass these tests.  Also, my god is not a neurotic one needing constant validation.  He won’t care if I accept him as my lord and savior… or even if I went to church (I don’t… to both).  He will simply want to know whether I was a good person who left things, and people, better than I found them.

Then, he will ask “did you keep your phone clean?”

The outside?

No, the inside.  The computer part.  Did I clear my cache and cookies?  Often?  Did I use that ‘Clean Master’ thing at least daily?  Did I powercycle my phone at least once a day?  Did I actually go into ‘settings’ and applications and clear the cache monthly?  Did I keep my virus thingy up to date?  Did I close apps I wasn’t using, to save RAM and battery?  Did I NEVER dare to let it die from an empty battery?

Yes, god.  I did.

God:  I know.  Why?


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