Friday Fives – you’re not my real dad!


What fictional character has actually made you angry or upset?

Edward Norton’s character in ‘the Italian Job’

What historical figure fascinates you? 

Nelson Mandela.  I have said this before, but it bears repeating – Jesus may have died for our sings, but Nelson Mandela lived for them.  Isn’t that great? You can, and should, quote me on that.

Who is just the best, the best? 

Fred Rogers.  It appears on every conceivable level… he was the real deal.  Even MORE wonderful and thoughtful than we imagined. There are a couple very good docs available, and Tom Hanks just wrapped a Mr Rogers movie.   Man, is there better casting in history than that?

What “Friends” character are you?

Naked neighbor guy

What celeb or famous person is alive today that really should be your best friend? 

Dalai Lama


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