It’s ok, its just an unsafe vehicle


Driving to work today, I saw this car.  Well, if you can call it that. Let’s first point out that I am mocking ‘unsafe vehicles’ while taking pictures and driving.  See what I do for you?

The doors, if you can zoom, are covered in cardboard.  It appears a tent on the roof, so I can assume that is also his home.  Not my point or my business. Truthfully, I feel like a jerk now that I see dude is literally living in on his car.  But we aren’t talking about that, stay with me.

In Colorado, you get speeding tickets.  Like most states, your ticket can be downgraded to an ‘unsafe vehicle’In Colorado, specifically, it drops your moving vehicle record gets 2 points instead of 4.  Big difference.

I speed.  A lot. Not proud of it, just making a point.  The idea that me going 90mph through a school zone  safely going 70 on a 4 lane freeway is safer and superior to this… seems kinda silly.  That’s all I am sayin’.

ed note to self – it is technically called an defective vehicle.  Oops, that is way fucking worse, isn’t it?  Here is what comes up when you google ‘defective vehicle’.  It’s ok, he wasn’t speeding!

Image result for defective vehicle


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