Friday Fives – mungo bungo dingo

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What’s the weirdest place you have ever slept?

Um… interesting question.  Probably under a palapa on a hammock in Tulum on the beach.  All very romantic, right? Perhaps for most. All wifey and I heard all night was creepy crawlies.  BIG ones. You know expression you play as a kid ‘the floor is lava’? It was. There are no walls or floor mind you.  Just a hammock hanging under a palapa) above… that is what a palapa is.

Anyhow, perhaps it wasn’t much, but in the dark our imaginations ran away with us.

Ed note to self – credit to me.  I didn’t make a single joke about your mother above.  I think we are all growing… together.

What song makes you happy whenever you hear it?

‘In the Summertime’, by Mungo Jerry.  It is just super joyful and catchy. Oh, and don’t read the lyrics.  It’s a product of its time, 1970.  They are truly a one hit wonder, but nonetheless are a blessing.  Check out this dude’s mutton chops.  Now, lets take a little break and have a listen.  You’ll recognize the tune, I promise.

What’s the best soft drink/soda flavor of all time?

Vanilla.   Yeah, I really am that boring and white.  My favorite smell is Vanilla, as well.  You know that stuff in your pantry?  It says ‘pure vanilla’, or ‘vanilla extract’? Whatever that stuff is, it’s great.  It is NOT, however, Vanilla.  Real Vanilla only comes from Madagascar.n****

You suddenly have a fully functional tail, what the first thing you do with it?

Figure out if it is prehensile.  Do you know what that means? I mean, before you google.  It means it can support your weight. If you tail is prehensile, you can hang from it.  I think that would be great. So, what would I do with it? Geesh, I don’t know. What kind of fucked up question i that?

What is something your dad told you that you’ll never forget?

There is SO much wisdom in this, you should sit down before you read it.  Note that my father has died, so his words carry more weight with me. He was REALLY big on education.  His greatest fear in life was that we become manual laborers. Seriously… it’s odd. In stressing to me how important education was.  Last note before the great quote – during this era I had very long hair and was traveling to see the Dead on summers off. I looked EXACTLY like this.  My dad sees this and says “you can play now, and pay later.  Or, you can pay now and play later.’

Fuck that is good stuff, and true.  He was right, too. I didn’t apply myself nearly as much as I could have, and I could be doing much better professionally than I am doing.  Heavy huh? Who else speaks that kind of truth to power*** like me?

*** In my case, I am clearly the power.  Ergo… I am talking about speaking truth to myself.  Most people pay therapists for this kind of insight.  You, dear reader, are my therapist..

**** – Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube, Ice T > what is the ‘ice’ about it?  It is an homage to the greatest pimp So ever tell his story.  Iceberg Slim. His book is absolutely amazing, the audio book being even better.  I am sure I had a lot to say to it over here, but you can skip my review and just get the book.


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