Friday Fives – orange you glad?

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What thing should never be mentioned in a job interview?

This actually happened while I was interviewing someone.  I won’t say their name (I don’t even remember), the company, the position… or any of it.  But towards the end of an otherwise normal interview, the candidate said “If you do a background check, you may find an assault and kidnapping charge.  But it’s ok, we are back together now.” Go ahead and process that.   

The last sentence alone still gives me chills.  Remember, someone said this to me in an interview.  Thank god I had a buddy in there with me, or I wouldn’t have believed it.  Yes, that last sentence.  It means SO much.   First,  she actually forgave him for doing that.  Also, note that he doesn’t think it ‘counts’ since they are still together.  Chris Brown, that you?

What is the silliest thing you have heard people say about you?

He seems too intense, I am afraid of him

What hobby/activity/anything would be a lot cooler if you added “but with fire” at the end?

Cross country swimming

What job is a bad idea to do from home?

Cross country swimming.  I have absolutely destroyed all of our flooring.  “Waterproof” luxury vinyl? Waterproof my ass!


What is a weird food combination you really enjoy?


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