a day in the pandemic in Colorado

Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala — Glencairn Museum

Some thoughts on all of this.  First off, ‘sheltering at home’ is my jam.  When I moved out here (out of the city, i mean.  We have 5 acres off a dirt road East of Denver) I was working from home.   It’s been Winter here at this elevation, and will continue to be for another month.  So, outside kinda sucks.

I have been home because I was unemployed.  When this happened, what i heard was “I need you to stay home like a patriot doing dick all but watching action movies.   Yeah, I can do that.  Heck, I have been doing that.

First thoughts – upsides


I am cooking at least once a day.   I LOVE to cook, so that is awesome. I am also learning to be creative with my ingredients, since we are all in lockdown.   Even YOU are cooking, and I am very proud of that. What is that, you heated a hot dog? By yourself? Girlfriend you deserve a Marlboro!


Being 48, I have a lot of doctors.  I ask every single doctor this over the last 10 years.  Would you get into medicine now? They also say no. See, there was a social contract we made with doctors.  Yes, you have at least another ten years of school. Yes, you have 300K in debt. BUT… by the time you are 40 that should be paid off, and by 50 you’ll be wealthy by all standards of culture.  Take one for the team now, you’ll be rich.  

However… that doesn’t happen anymore.  The insurance companies have squeezed every penny out of medicine for themselves.  Right now, there WAS no good reason to be a doctor. I think this epidemic/pandemic/mad max thing is going to inspire a lot of good people to be doctors.  We should be thankful for that.

Work from home

The last company I worked for, I spent 3 goddamn years lobbying for WAH.  Just last fall they FINALLY agreed and I got a work from home team (as well as my team in the office, and my team in the other office).  The company stalled at out only having 1 team work from home. That was their continuity plan…. Was. Now, the office is closed and they are ALL work from home.  Thanks to me – AAA Colorado. And I don’t even work there anymore. Some thanks!

My point being, any job where an employee sits and a computer and talks to people or works on that computer can be done anywhere on Earth with an internet connection.  I once spent an afternoon working from my mechanics, where i was stranded for 4 hours while they worked on the truck. Dude had wifi, though… so I was at the office. I was working and managing folks full time from home 10 years ago.  I thought by now we would all be. Well… all who wanted. Think what that would do for traffic and pollution!

Now, everyone is working from home whether they like it or not.  When we get out of this, companies are going to realize they can save zillions just in office space by having folks WAH.

We (wifey and I) have been in self isolation for about 2 or 3 weeks.  CO has a stay at home law, but we are allowed to go out for groceries and stuff.  It’s not like Italy (yet) where people are being pulled over just for being out in their cars.  Yet.

Update on the virus as of today-ish – America has the highest count of Covid cases, but our mortality rate is a TENTH of Italy’s.  They are dying at a rate of 10% who have the virus, whereas the US rate of folks who die from it 1%. We have been mostly voluntarily locked in, which is fine and understable.  Thing is, we aren’t expected to peak on new cases until Mid April. That means social distancing isn’t being done by everyone. I am looking squarely at you, fuckface who literally brought 5 kids to the store.  And the kids were being kids, running around and touching everything. Basically, I am pretty sure dude has the virus now. I get your kids are restless, buddy. Just take them outside.

So if people aren’t self quarantining… next step is some martial law.  That is where a lot of the world is right now.


Notes from call interview

Business outsource process


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