Friday Fives – isolation edition

before we get into my editor’s questions… let’s stop a minute and appreciate this mandala above.  This may be the best one I have ever posted.  To me, this picture above truly represents what a (Jungian) mandala is for.   Going DEEP into the conscious and subconscious and just bringing it forward.  I stole this image without permission (like everyone of my images, lets be honest here), but want to acknowledge them.

Tough week for me, I need a laugh. What is your best “Dad” joke?

Saw this online this week.  Did you hear that the actress Reese was stabbed?  (other party bites) > Witherspoon?   “no, with a knife!”

 As we all shelter in place, what are you cooking in the kitchen?

Everything and often.  I normally cook almost every day for wifey and I.  What the challenge is now is using up the years or random shit we have acquired in the pantry.

 If Gordon Ramsay had to use your kitchen, what would he be most angry about?

How well stocked it is with cooking appliances.  No matter what I make, I have the implements and tools and pots I need.    But wouldn’t make him angry, but maybe this would – my use of a bench scraper for EVERYTHING.  If I am cooking anything, I am getting out a cutting board, bench scraper, and chef’s knife.  Note, I sharpen my chef’s knife with the honing thingy before and after each use.

But if you go back and look at anything I have ever posted about cooking, it is to rave about the usefulness of this tool. Bench Scraper Chopper Stainless Steel Kitchen Food ...

What has surprised you about self-distancing and staying at home?

I love being home.  I have been looking for work since December.  I have ONLY been looking at WFH jobs.  I finally found one, and am working it now.  Good for me is I was in the pipeline before all this Covid stuff hit.  I was doing WAH 10 years ago.  It’s glorious!   Also, at my last company, I spent 3 years getting them to do WAH.  They finally agreed after the bomb cyclone of last year.  When I left the company, there was 1 team who was WAH, which I was over.

NOW?  The entire company is working at home.  Yes, thanks to me!

Today was supposed to be opening day. Usually, I am downtown for this mess. What do you miss most in these days sheltering from the viral storm?

Driving.  I love to drive, and I consumer a TON of books and podcasts.  Now, there isn’t anywhere to drive.  And my commute now is only about 12 feet.

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