Friday Fives – arthur edition

Buddha-Weekly-Clearest vajrayogini mandala-Buddhism - Buddha Weekly:  Buddhist Practices, Mindfulness, Meditation

What is your favorite, very creepy fact?

Um… lesse.  Maybe that dust in your house… it isn’t dirt.  Its me!  Household is mostly human skin.

What are you sick of explaining?

That climate change is happening EXACTLY as they warned us it would.  Right now the West is entirely on fire, Denver just broke another heat record, Louisiana just saw TWO hurricanes land in a week, which has never happened in history.  Last year there were more Cat 4 hurricanes make landfall than anytime in history.  A year a half ago, Colorado saw a ‘bomb cyclone’, which is a term no one had ever heard until then, and it was an historic monster.  Venice went completely underwater last Winter.  

How would industrialization not come back and bite us in the ass?  I am NOT against energy, or living on a wind and solar farm.  My truck gets worse mileage than the space shuttle.  But I am also willing to acknowledge the damage we have likely caused, and be willing to make an effort and sacrifice to make things better.  To the rest of the world, this isn’t politics… its science.  Same with Covid.  Only America (and specifically the right wing) see this as politics.

What purchase was worth every penny?

Every guitar I own.  Every truck I have owned.  I have learned one of the great truism is beyond true.  You get what you pay for.  You find a Gibson Les Paul on Craigslist for $89?  Maybe you think its from a rich guy who doesn’t know the value of what he has.  Maybe it was given to someone who never touched it.  NOPE.   It’s a piece of shit Chinse knock off that isn’t worth firewood.

What simple, daily habit changed your life?

Eating breakfast.  I avoided it for decades.  I still don’t enjoy it, and don’t take time to do it.  Its usually a protein shake in the morning and then a protein bar on the way to work.  Still makes an important difference on the quality of the day.  I think my dislike for it stems from my deep hatred of mornings.  I am done being a night person… I wish.  HEY!  It was cool and crazy fun in college and high school.  At 48, though, working a corporate job and classic ‘business hours’, it is of NO value to be wide awake at midnight.

What’s your biggest “I just dodged a bullet” moment?

A few come to mind, and the best ones I ain’t telling you!  We can agree on this one, though.  When I was 17 I crashed head on into a semi at highway speed.  The car AND semi were total carnage.  I was wearing a seatbelt (as I always do, and always did) and I didn’t get a scratch.  Had I not a seatbelt, I would have been super dead.  I don’t even think cars had airbags back then.  NEVER fuck around with a seatbelt.  I don’t even leave my driveway to go 3 houses down without a seatbelt.  I live out in the country, though… so 3 houses down can be half a mile.

Paradoxically, I deactivate the seatbelt chime on all my trucks.  If I am working around the property, I don’t need that thing dinging.


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