Watching Yellowstone

Yellowstone Is Leaving A Filming Location Behind Ahead Of Season 4 -  CINEMABLEND

Grandpa, why did you kill that man?

Grandson, he was going to try and take what we have.

But… he was just delivering a sandwich, and he drove all the way out here.  It was a sandwich that YOU ordered.  You were the one who gave him our address.

Grandson, you don’t understand yet.  When you build something great, people will try and take it from you.  And I am going to fight like hell to keep my family together.

Sure, I understand that part, but why shoot a the poor Hello Fresh delivery driver dead?

Because, Grandson, he knows where we live.  He will try and take everything from us.

And how about that lady this afternoon, in town?  Why did you kill her?

Well Grandson, I didn’t build an empire to have it taken away by some bureaucrat!  I built this for you to run one day.

She was only writing you a ticket for parking in a handicap zone.  You shouldn’t have parked there, anyway.

Well Grandson (long dramatic pause), maybe my handicap is being an honest man trying to make an honest living… and people want to take that from us.

And that cat?  What about that cat?  Why did you shoot my cat?

Well, Grandson, cats are just assholes.  The sooner you learn that, the better off you will be.


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