Friday Fives – a melange of fluffy content

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What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Probably Railay beach in Thailand.  After that, maybe the Amazon river running through the jungle in Peru.  Lastly?  Your sister!   

great swimming beach - Review of Railay Beach, Railay Beach, Thailand -  Tripadvisor

What is your greatest dream in life?

To live the life I am living.  Bonus?  If was a professional writer instead being a cubicle monkey. That is nobody’s fault but my own. I didn’t hustle enough. I love writing, and I never wanted it to be a chore.

 What is the best book you have ever read?

Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland

*** that was not a set up to talk about Alice, I swear. But since you brought it (technically, they did.  The nice people over at Live Journal did.  I just picked up yet another edition of the book.  It is illustrated by my favorite painter, Salvador Dali!!!!!!!

It just came out a year or two ago, and I am SO tickled.  Like Steadman, Dali is the perfect mind and visionary for this sort of stuff.  I now have several different illustrated editions:  there is the one you have, which is the official one.  It was illustrated by John Teniel.  Then, I got one which is the writer himself, Charles Dodgeson Lewis Caroll..  That one isn’t too good, and you see why he hired that job out.   THEN… I knew about a Ralph Steadman one, but it was my white whale.  I looked for it for 30 years and finally found one.  The book that arrived was so very clearly a school textbook that was stolen.  It is beautiful.

You know Ralph Steadman, right?  He is this guy, the guy who does all Hunter Thompson’s books.  I have spent time with Ralph, he is a goddamn delight!

and now I have the Salvador Dali illustrated one.  I am quite pleased.  I have a big fat annotated one, too.  I prolly mentioned this before, but did you know that my first tattoo will be an Alice in Wonderland one?  I made myself wait to get a tattoo until I was 40.  That way, I would not regret it.  I picked out this piece.  It is Ralph Steadmans’ drawing of the White Rabbit

funny thing is, I am now 48 and still haven’t gotten it done, yet.  I have no wavered one second on what the tattoo will be, I just don’t where were to pit

What is your most cherished childhood memory?

I have a LOT, and they are all good.  I am too tired to get sentimental, though.  Let’s see if I can find the story about lab Maury girl almost destroying Christmas.  It’s a great story, and I am mostly sharing so I don’t have to type out a new anecdote.  Plus, the ones that a real personal?  I ain’t sharing that with you!

Found it!  This truly is a great, and 100% true, story.   Rather than embed, and make this piece any longer than necessary, here is the link.  It just takes you back to this page, but back many years when I wrote it.

A Christmas Story of dogs, disasters, and a Christmas Miracle!

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What is your best character trait or strength?

I believe myself to be kind, funny, and decently interesting.  Doesn’t mean that I am… just that I hope I am… and think I am.


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