Friday Fives – intellectual tourettes edition

'Gemstone Mandala' Graphic Art Print on Wrapped Canvas

What innocent item gets suspicious if you buy too much of it?

fertilizer. Listen, do you want some, or not?

For 24 hours, you literally shit gold. What food/restaurants do you eat to maximize your 24hr earning potential?

This is a disturbing question.  Are you asking what food gives me the shits?  Well, that would be coffee.  So, Starbucks.

If your pet could suddenly speak, what would be the creepiest thing it could say?

I’m horny

What’s a good reason to be drunk at church?

The blood of Christ, aka the Eucharist.  That’s wine, baby.  I ain’t drinking… I am just lovin’ the lord!  I am temped to say a lot more, being a recovered Catholic, but I won’t. Let’s just pray for more leaders like this current Pope, St Francis.  He (the current) pope took that name for a specific reason.  It is a reference to St Francis of Assisi.  He lived in the 1200’s, and was big on austerity.  What is a less frilly way to say that?  Well, he lived a life of no frills.  Legend as it, even as a successful leader of the community, he slept in a shitty rock bed with a little straw.  He kept no possessions.  He as a very good man.  They are tough to come by in the history of the Catholic Church leadership. 

Saint Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life devoted to Christianity after reportedly hearing the voice of God, who commanded him to rebuild the Christian church and live in poverty. He is the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Him, and St Peter from the Jesus days.  Peter was one of Jesus’s groupies.  I learned a lot about his story touring Italy and the Vatican.  If half of what they say about that man is true, he is a saint!

Sorry, what were we talking about again?

If your mind got transferred into a cat. What would you do?

Go back to bed.  It would finally be socially acceptable to sleep all day and kill all night.  But instead… let’s go back and look at these questions as a whole.  Do you put like a 100 questions into one of those bingo hoppers and just draw out five at random?  Have we not learned from Ira Glass?  Good storytelling is done by lumping larger thematic concepts together.

*** to all my reader – sorry for the shitty formatting. WordPress keeps forcing this new sucky editing tool on us that is useless. I have been battling it on and off for about a year. It’s such a shame because it makes me not want to use to tool… or even bother writing. Maybe I need to find another provider. What do you think? I use Blogger, but its pretty clunky. Their interface hasn’t changed in 10 years. Funny, I complain about WordPress changing too much, and Blogger not enough. Ah… the human condition. Nothing is ever good enough. Maybe I should look at Square Space? The good thing is I own ‘’ and can take it anywhere.


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