Friday Fives – don’t eat those chips

mandalaWhat vehicle company should a buyer absolutely stay away from?

General Motors/Chevy.  Perpetual bankruptcies, and they still make terrible cars.  Of course, they were known for that… as were all American car companies.  But then Ford started to make good cars.  This is not subjective.  I am going by Consumer Reports, the non profit advocacy gods.  Ford was the first American manufacturer to receive a coveted ‘best buy’ mark on the Ford Focus.  GM still does not have any cars recommended.

And then there is this.  They built themselves to fail.  How do I mean that? When they build their latest HQ, they designed it so it would be re-sellable in the future as a mall.  While I admire that creativity… what does that say to your stock holders?  I wrote about this about a decade ago.  Enjoy.  They just still make cars that aren’t designed or expected to go 200K.  Or, even 100K.

Which company should a buyer look in to?

I would never invest in a car company.  If I did, though, it would probably be Ford.  They have the truck market locked down the last 50 years, and trucks are the most profitable.  Would I buy a Ford truck, though?  No.  I had two.  Constant electrical problems.

If “I’m Batman” is the wrong answer, what’s the question?

Hey there, Mr Batman.  I am Paul, with your PR firm.  Listen, we have been workshopping some new intro ideas for you.  We think ‘I’m Batman’ is a bit played out in the culture.  If you’ll open to page 2, we can start with some ideas my team worked on.  We are just woodshedding here, no pressure.  Go ahead and start with the first suggestion at the top.

What was your favorite show to watch as a kid/ young teen?

Greatest American Hero, and the A Team.  I have watched them both plenty since, and they do not hold up well.  Not just the shitty special effects… that can be forgiven.  It’s the acting of the 80s.  Everyone over acts, every time, in every 80s movie.  It’s as if not a millisecond can happen without unnecessary dialogue jammed in.

All of the toilet paper in the world is replaced with the last thing you took a photograph of.  What is wiping your ass going to be like from now on?

Last night’s forest fire sunset.  Not sure what the implications of that.  If this were poetry, though… it would be transcendent and an opportunity to humble oneself to Gaia.   So, we better call this poetry, or I just end up with a stinky brown hand… again.  Here is the pic I am referring to.  Needless to say, the pic doesn’t do it justice.  Note, there are no filters or manipulation is this photo.

Also note the Rockies look purple.  “for purple mountains majesty above the fruited plane…”.  That song was written in Colorado… about the mountains.  I believe it was crazy little Zebulon Pike who penned that (and who that mountain is now named after… Pike’s Peak).  Correction, Pike did not write that.  But it was written on Pike’s Peak.

sunset home Oct 2020


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