Friday Fives – its a bird… it’s a plane… its a lawn dart in my eye!

Lawn darts - Imgflip

What product that you loved stopped getting made?

Lawn darts.  Yeah, they are dangerous…so are knives and guns.  This is social Darwinism, folks.  If a kid it going to throw a 5 pound dart up into the sky… and watch it come down on his skull… maybe he isn’t exactly ‘breeding stock’!

What is the last thing you wrote using pen and paper?

Notes, just an hour ago at a shelter manager meeting for the Red Cross.  I take a LOT of notes on pen and paper.

Who is that asshole dentist who does not recommend Colgate toothpaste?

Lawrence T Shotwalter.  That fucking guy.  The guy who hates teef!  Fuck you, Larry!

What is the best thing you’ve added or changed to make your living space more bearable during all of this lockdown?

Home office.  I had a room that was available as a home office, but it was never used as one.  Now that I am work from home a few days a week, I made it really nice in here.

What did you learn because of Covid-19?

That people will choose politics over science.  It’s terrifying that almost half of America takes the president’s word over scientists.  Even if you are pro-Trump, you have to know he is a compulsive liar.  What interests me is I bet he would pass a lie detector on these things.  Like, when he started lying DAY ONE?  Remember he said his inauguration was the best attended ever?  And it was the worst?  And we have photographic proof?  And then when he got called on it, his little henchman said it was ‘alternative facts’?   Yeah… that stuff.  If you asked him about his inauguration, he would probably pass a polygraph saying it was the best ever.


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