Friday Fives – on time edition

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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Barack Obama.  He is as interesting as he is interested.  He is the real deal.  Even if you disagree with his politics, as John McCain did… McCain later defended Obama and said he was a very good man, even though their politics are different. He also seems to have a great sense of humor and joy.

What was your best job interview?

Prolly the last one, that got me the job I have now.  Due to Covid, it was over the phone.  No dressing up, or all that super pressure.  I feel I was more able to be myself over the phone.  Plus, an hour after that interview, I got laid off from a shit job I was doing.  Where I would have been super stressed… finding a good job during Covid is a struggle, I had hope on the horizon.  And I got that job, and I LOVE it.  It’s the most professionally fulfilled I have been in memory.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I have many wonderful and warm memories, but all too personal.  Ask me over some beers.

If you could go back to one year in time, what year would you choose?

Pretty much all of high school and college were pretty fucking great.  Can I tell you this?  My worst year?  Before I was a freshman, as I was heading into high school… i was TERRIFIED.  I had heard horror stories about things they did to freshmen.  I was a spindly kid with a big mouth and long hair.  So, I figured I was a pretty ripe target for bullies.  Turned out nothing happened at all, but i still feel that fear in my gut when I think back to it.  I spent months in fight or flight mode.

How good are you at multi-tasking

Like everyone, terrible.  No one multi-tasks well.  It just means you are half assing a bunch of things.  I do it, a LOT.  Just won’t pretend I am good at it.  And you need to stop, too.  Wait, what question did this have to do with anything?  Who writes this shit?


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