fallout from the Covid vaccine

Gun triggered St. Louis couple hit with criminal charges

I was Correct – update at bottom 2/4/2021

new update (bottom), with some borrowed Video content 4/7/2021

March 2021 update – it is happening. They are calling it an ‘immunity passport’.

I have been thinking about this for months.  America is an for another ugly divisive fight over Covid.  The vaccines are out.  This means concerts and sports will be able to continue.  However, what these facilities will want is proof of your vaccine.   Remember, we have a great deal of people who don’t believe in science.  Some would say 70 million… that’s how many votes Trump got.  Many of them will refuse the vaccine.  This means, they will be refused into large public events.  

And they are going to freak the fuck out. 
People are going to get murdered.

There are no easy answers. In order to keep the masses safe, there will likely need to be some kind of proof that you have the vaccine. I am thinking it would be a govt issued card of sorts? Whatever it is, people (on the right, the ones who stopped believing science when Mitch McConnell instructed them to do so) are going to freak the fuck out. Thing is, they will have some validity to their points. Yes, this will be massive government overreach. Tracking this will be some big brother shit going on. None of us are happy about this.

Remember, though, this is not a group who argues with intellect or reason.  They argue with guns and hyperbole.  How long will it be because they grossly compare their circumstance (of being expected to keep the public safe, themselves included) to WW2 and Nazi Germany.  They will claim, somewhat rightfully so, that America isn’t about ‘show us your papers’.  But to fix this thing, it is what we will need to do.  Remember what Spiderman Jesus said ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’. These are extraordinary times. People will have the right to refuse the vaccine. To do that, you are voluntarily taking yourself out of public gatherings. Well, you can go back to hanging out together and giving each other Covid, like they did at the Trump rallies.

For whatever reason, you can be assured they will find a way to bring guns into this.  Am guessing they will all show up armed to large public events.  They will say ‘are you going to turn me away now?’  Yes.  Yes we will you jackass.  You can’t bring a gun to public events anyway.

And poor workers whose job it is to check vaccine proof, several of them will be shot dead.  Come summer, this is going to be the dominant story.  You can also bet it will be uniquely American… especially as they find a way to shoe horn guns into the conversation.  This is a group that equates guns with freedom of expression.  I believe in freedom of expression.  This is my equivalent, a small essay warning us.  No guns needed to make my point.  Well… except their guns which will prove my point.

Anyhow, you have been warned.  Watch out, it will get VERY ugly. People are going to get shot. States will want to secede, which I am super fine with.

*** that couple up top? That isn’t freedom of expression, its felony menacing. They were arrested. In case you weren’t sure, this is how the world sees America now.

it has begun, exactly as I prophesied – I give you… the vaccine passport.

A vaccination pass or passport is documentation proving that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Some versions will also allow people to show that they have tested negative for the virus, and therefore can more easily travel. The versions being worked on now by airlines, industry groups, nonprofits and technology companies will be something you can pull up on your mobile phone as an app or part of your digital wallet.

Update April 2021 – guess what? Fox went apeshit, exactly as I predicted. Ok, guessing that wasn’t the biggest stretch. The most fun thing is, as right now every GOP state is struggling to limit voting (like demanding IDs)… they are saying you need to PROVE you are a solid taxpaying licensed American to vote. Ok, I see that site of it. I DO. Yet, with the ‘vaccine passports’, they are screaming ‘how fucking dare you demand any kind of ‘papers’? Is this Nazi Germany?” – not my hyperbole, btw… they dropped the ‘we are now living in Nazi Germany’ bomb.

I know I predicted up above that “people will get shot”. Oh, its coming.

*** Let me close with this. Here is the BIG difference that i see between the left and the right. Or, me and the right. I FULLY get their concerns. I can’t even say I disagree with their concerns. Their approach to everything? It’s stupid, I hate it, and they are dividing America with how they do it. BUT... I get why they are upset. I predicted this bullshit hysteria back in December. What drives me nuts is the right will NEVER (meaning, fuck Rush Limbaugh who hated libs more than he loved America) cop to why libs want to do things. Even if we are wrong, no argument from a righty starts with “oh, I agree. Your point is valid. Have you considered a different perspective, though?”

that is what this site is for. bring BOTH sides and arguments. and tell me how Covid Passport laws are any different than voting laws. The gist of both is ‘prove it’.


3 thoughts on “fallout from the Covid vaccine

  1. Couldn’t agree more. And I’m a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment and conservative policies, but I left the GOP when the nominated a failed businessman to be their nominee. My choice to not support what the GOP has become was the wisest move I’ve made since I was able to vote way back in 1983!

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