Friday Fives – some more Trump bashing… lets just be honest here people!

Raja-Mandala: Delhi and Donald Trump - Carnegie India - Carnegie Endowment  for International Peace

*** look at that picture.  Is that a posture ANY POTUS has ever had?

List those things we assume Donald Trump can do in his retirement?




  1. Aggressively defend IN PUBLIC all of the expected charges and indictments coming his way.   Note, I said he will defend ‘in public’. In court, his Armani assassins will fold like a wet paper towel.  In public, though, he will claim its all a sham!  Also, I would truly not be surprise to find him totally broke.  I feel the presidency would have shielded him from a lot of this… even after office.  BUT, even to right wing assholes, he is clearly been revealed to be a piece of shit insurrectionist terrorist (the capitol attack he insisted on… ver-fucking-batim, I am talking about)
    1. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. There’s never been anything like this. We will not let them silence your voices. We’re not going to let it happen. Not going to let it happen.
  2. Just go on and on like the _____ he is and bitch about everything that ever happened bad to him… EVER.  In every possible media outlet.  Oh, he’ll be drunk dialing Leslie Stahl ‘like a bitch’.
  3. Next?  Oh, he is crafty enough (and sadly loved by approx. 60 million americans) to get a show.  Remember, the average nightly view for a network show is 1 million viewers.  What kind of show?  Odds are, one further riling up Americants (like that?  I just literally made it up as A typed it!  If you don’t, I will quote Louis CK here when he said “if you have any opinions you want to shout… write them down, put them in your pocket.   Go home… and kill yourself).  Oh come, that IS funny no matter what team you are on)
  4. Ok, that is 3 up there?  Sorry, I am goofed on cold meds.  He will continue being a rapey #metoo douchebag predator cheating nightmare.
  5. Will prove to have been mostly broke this whole time.  Overleveraged, and a total liar about assets.  In fact, the last two we know of… just not to the extent.  Yet.

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