Friday Fives – shrimp style

home office

What’s your weather?

What are you, a cop?  How about your don’t worry about my weather.  How about maybe you try worrying about your own weather, for once.

Where are you on your way to?

Sleep, and work.  Its midnight (between Thurs/Fri) and I can’t sleep.   Tomorrow, I am going to work.  Why is that a thing?  I mean like… to even mention?  Why wouldn’t I be going to work?  Its a thing worth of mention in that I am actually going into the office.  Luckily for me, that is a pretty rare gesture.  Covid (and technology) have me mostly working home.  Its glorious because I live over an hour away from the office.

Yes, I miss people.  I miss you.  But, going into the office means getting up 90 minutes earlier, and  makes it about a 12 hour day.  Plus, look at this home office.  I made it into paradise!  Wifey calls it a spa.  I have guitars, plants, candles, and even a little fountain.  And the fountain?  It doesn’t have an on/off switch of any kind.  Leaning over to plug and unplug is just not an option for a busy and important person.  In putting away my Christmas lights, i found this awesome solution… its on a remote control now.  The remote control thingy is for like a Christmas tree… or whatever.  But now?  Its for my little desk water fountain.  In the pic, look to the far left.

Are you good with directions?

Yes and no.  I am good with the ‘cardinal’ directions:  north, east, arnold, and up.  But as far as driving around, I must admit I’d rather depend on my phone map than the whole ‘thinking and making critical decisions in real time’ thing.  Does that somehow make me somewhat less of a man?  It would appear so.

Do you know your neighbors?

Better than that, I know my neighbors in a biblical way!  Not like the carnal way, you perv… I married a few of them.  That is how much I LOVE my neighbors and my neighborhood.  We live way out off the grid… on a dirt road on small horse ranches.  We spend most free time with our neighbors.  I truly cannot say enough good things about them.  Christmas?  Thanksgiving?  Check!  All spent with them.  Last weekend?  Yup.  This weekend?  Prolly.

What do you smell?

I am not going to make a joke about your sister here.  Not like she could read it, anyhow.  I smell shrimp.  I woke up hungry, and knocked out half a pound of shrimp cocktail.  Impressed?  You should be!  From idea to in my belly, about 40 minutes round trip.  No shortcuts, either.  Thawed the shrimp (in  warm running tap water, never use the microwave for something like this).  Peeled, lightly seasoned, boiled, and chilled.  The cocktail sauce?  From scratch, of course.  About 5 parts ketchup to 1 part horseradish.  Helpful tip – not horseradish sauce… just pure horseradish.  And a spritz of lemon.  Does that sound gourmet… or even planned?  Far from it, and I can prove it.  

The wifey had the shrimp for a specific recipe.  I have no idea what it was, but I guarantee she did not buy shrimp for me to eat in the middle of the night.  She is going to be pissed.  UNLESS… I pick up more shrimp on the way home tomorrow after work.  Long as it wasn’t for something she was going to make tomorrow night… she won’t notice.  Mostly, though, I do all the cooking.  I think we’re safe.


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