Friday Fives – big fish

What’s your go to “comfort movie?”

Big Fish Seen it?  If not, stop what you are doing and watch it.  You workin?  drivin? I don’t care.  Maybe you are a surgeon and this is being read to you while you operate.  Quit cutting.  Don’t even sew him up.  That guy doesn’t use his turn signal, why save his life?  Here is the trailer.  it is a beautiful and funny and thoughtful masterpiece.  Not exciting enough?  Ok, how about the cast:  Ewan McGregor, Danny DeVito, Jessica Lange, Billy Crudup, Tim Burton’s wife***, Albert Finney, Steve Buschemi, and its a Tim Burton movie.  While I can’t say empirically its the best movie ever… i can’t think of a better movie.

*** I say that because I have always been annoyed that she has been cast the lead in EVERY Tim Burton movie.  Its’ not that she isn’t a great actress, she is.  I just think maybe she should try once in her life to do something without Tim Burton handing it to her.  They are divorced now, so she will have to audition.  Maybe this is a sexist thing, because I don’t fault Tim Burton for it.  I should.  I place the blame on her, which is totally unfair.  But, there it lies.  At least I am honest, you racists!

What’s your go to  “comfort food?”

Anything involving chicken and a starch.  Probably a creamy and spicy sauce.  My cooking is rarely if ever planned.  I cook every night, but its just pulling together a bunch of yummy random shit we have.

*** note – the wifey would probably tell you that she is the reason that stuff magically appears in the fridge.  And that is goes take planning.  She would prolly be right, if we were speaking.  Of course we are not.  She is to NEVER interrupt me when I am blogging.

What’s your go to “outfit?”
             Same as every white male in North America, a tshirt and jeans.

What song are you currently obsessed with and just can’t stop listening?

Grease.  Not just the album, but specifically the song.  Here is the story, and buckle up.  We gonna be here for a while.  Wifey got me a record player for Christmas, knowing I am tiny bit of a music fan.  We didn’t have any records, so my neighbor brought some over.  One of the records was Grease.  Grease is the bomb!  I had never even seen it until I was like 35.  Any attempts to show me the movie before then would have been met with ‘that’s gay’.  My mistake.  The movie and soundtrack are great.  So, we listened to this 35 year old Grease record which was beat to shit.  It didn’t skip so much as jump.

We loved hearing it so much that we wanted to buy a new one (copy of Grease, that is).  We did, and it sounded like shit.  We did a blind taste test (er… involving neither seeing nor tasting).  We had the old copy of Grease and the brand spanking new copy.  Wifey would switch copies and have me guess 1) which sounded better and 2) which one was the new copy.   The new copy sounded terrible.  Let me be more specific – which is tough to do with something subjective like sound.  The new copy sounded muffled, and slow.  Like… how a cassette sounds.  How could this be?  Considering myself an amateur audiophile (one who fucks records) I had a theory.  I googled it, and it was confirmed.

You know what?  This anecdote is just starting… so I will table it for now.  Maybe I will post it on my music writing site.  Just know this, if you are buy any music made 30 or 40 years ago on vinyl… try and find a 30 or 40 year old record.  The new records were mastered from digital, which is SUPER bad for a record.  It’s a sample.

What’s something that isn’t therapy but feels like it?

Masturbation Reading my bible, Jacuzzi time, Joe Myers guitar playing and singing (click here, pick My Exotic Child, or Eyes Wide Open Doors.  DO IT GODDAMNYOU.  Sorry, he is seriously that good.  I have traveled farther to see Joe play than I have to see Pearl Jam play.  Joe is that good.  and a sweet and wonderful guy.  He is on Spotify, but its only one album.  If you are on Spotify, choose ‘Silver Shoe Lou’.  Honest.  Have I ever, even once, in 18 years on this site demanded you go enjoy some music?  Probably.  But this is even more important.  Here is some youtube stuff.

Can I do all three?  I ain’t sayin I can’t… how about that?  Shut up.  No… YOU shut up.  That isn’t disgusting.  It’s my jacuzzi I can do what I want.  Btw, this hot tub is the BOMB.  It was only about $2500, where the average price is about $5,000.  That top folks over, and totally seals it.  I have had it 6 years and had NO troubles with the top (or any of it),.  My neighbor has one with the more traditional top… a big ass piece of foam wrapped in vinyl.  He has had to replace it several times.  ALSO, this tub works with 120 volt or 220.  Meaning, you can plug this hot tup into a regular socket/outlet.  Perhaps you are thinking ‘that looks like it is made out of plastic’.  It is.  Which means it weather proof, wind proof, rust proof, DOG proof, and its light enough that I can move it if its empty.


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