Friday Fives – not a single joke about your sister edition

Reserve for Ir | Dot art painting, Mandala art lesson, Mandala painting

  1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?

Are you seducing me, Mrs. Robinson?

  1. What winds you up?

This isn’t news, but people who doesn’t use blinkers.  I don’t care if you are in the right hand turn lane, and no one is left on Earth.  Use your fucking blinkers.  I don’t care if you cut me off, just warn me.

  1. Are you a loud talker?

On zoom and conference calls, apparently.  Have you been talking to my wife?

  1. What comes easy to you?

Conversation. It’s not that i am interesting… I am interested

  1. What did you dream about recently?

Stupid anxiety stuff.  Not nightmare level, not even ‘talking to a room in my underwear’.  Yeah, as you suspect… that isn’t all that weird to me.  Or unusual.



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