Friday Fives

Friday Fives – not a single joke about your sister edition | I am Correct

I haven’t written much lately. Neither has Shakespeare. I busted my rotator cuff. Even typing hurts. But, I am lucky enough to have some readers. These are brief, which i also apologize for their brevity. I haven’t slept for more than 3 hours in about a week.

What warning belongs on your forehead?

Your sister?

What years of your life were your greatest?

I know this is NOT novel, but give me the knowledge and capability I have now… and put it in my 20 year old body.

Where would you live if money wasn’t an issue and why?

Here.  Or Thailand.  No, Italy.

.At what age did you move out?

19.  I did my first year of college from home at ASU, and so lived at home (Phx, AZ).  Quickly, we all realized the proper college experience best required living away.  Think it was the second time I got caught sneaking a girl home.

If you could say one thing that the whole world could hear, what would it be?

If you could say one thing that the whole world could hear, what would it be?

You are doing better than you think

I know you are struggling, don’t give up

I put sugar in your gas tank, sorry.  Its because you weren’t using your turn signal

self photo.  Well, that isn’t me.  I just feel like that right now.

Tourist arm torn off after tiger attack !!! - YouTube

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