the future with guns

Huey P. Newton's Revolutionary Black Panther Party | by Kalonda Mulamba |  Medium

There was another shooting last night.  I know, its not news.  This one was at a baseball game. I had this sad and inevitable realization.  This isn’t a judgement, just an observation.  I am putting it down here so i can say “I was Correct”, and ‘I told you so’.  Guns aren’t going anywhere in the USA.  Neither are mass shootings.  If nothing has been addressed yet – socially or legislatively… these things are here to stay.

You know those scanners you go through at the airport?  To make sure you have have a gun?  We call them ‘metal detectors’.  I think they are officially called ‘magnetometers’.  These are our future… everywhere.

*** sidebar – below the great Kevin Kline teaches us how to get a gun past airport security.  This is a clip from ‘Fish Called Wanda’, one of my top 5 movies of all time.

 I noticed the first big paradigm shift was going through one of these at a concert.  I think it was the first time I had to go through one of these outside of an airport or govt building.  It was at a Willie Nelson concert in 2016.  Best part?  I DID get caught with metal… a tractor key.  How Willie Nelson is that?

Here is my point, and sorry it took me so long to get here.   Those are going to be in schools.  Actually, they probably are.  I am not in schools much anymore.  Don’t have kids, and you know… the restraining orders and stuff.   These will be in your grocery store.  They will be in every convenience store.  Want to go into a Message Envy?   The Verizon store? Your yoga sesh?  Your house/apartment.

In addition, I think wearing bullet proof/ballistic clothing.  It is coming, brother.  I would imagine all of this stuff exists, but it isn’t mainstream.  It will be.  We have choice at this point.  It’s like climate change… we see it coming at us… but no one is going to stand up and choose science over commerce.  I am not saying i am anti gun.  I own a gun.  Thing is, I don’t worship it.

That up there?  That is Huey.  Power to the people.  ALL power to the people!

*** turns out they do make these for end users. Your own airport metal detector/magnetometer.  Beat the rush and get one now, you pussy!  Me, I am just going invest in these guys.


1 thought on “the future with guns

  1. I feel the same way, I love my firearms, but I’m not obsessed with them, nor the 2nd Amendment. I don’t want the 2A removed, but if society keeps abusing it’s rights, then those rights will be altered. Bonus for “A Fish Called Wanda” shout out!

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