Friday Fives – don’t forget to mention pineapples edition

Sewage or stale vomit? Passengers refuse to fly with 'king of fruits' on  board — RT World News

What food/drink recipe/thing made you ask “how the heck did humans discover that?”

Artichokes, which I LOVE.  But who looked at that little scary cactus and thought ‘yummy’?  That is just the look, if you consider the cooking, its even dumber.   Well, boil or steam it for about 45 minutes.  Then, there will be about a microgram of food at the end of each leaf.  But the heart, the heart is good.  But getting that nasty ‘choke’ stuff out it makes it a first world food.  If you ask me, that is.  If I were running across the plans, hungry and hunting, and I saw and artichoke… and even knew what it was and how to prepare it?  I would positively not bother.  Remember, I LOVE artichokes.  But the amount you put in to prepare vs the calories achieved are not worth it.

What is your favorite fruit that is hard to obtain locally?

Durian, from Thailand.  Mostly because I really enjoyed my own writing on this piece.  Here is a sample of me writing about the smell of Durian fruit –

“Want smell-o-vision? Here is what you do. Wear the same socks for a week, day and night, no showering or changing. THEN, at the end of that week,

 take a dump in one of those socks. Don’t worry, it’s not as tough as it sounds. Now, leave that dumpy smelly sweaty sock in a hot car for one week.

THEN… take it out, and smear it across your computer screen. Then, read this piece.”

What are some foods people usually buy pre-made that are worth making at home?

Just about everything, except pizza.  I love pizza, and a homemade pizza is dope.  But is it really worth the trouble every time?  I submit not.  Especially with the insane variety of frozen pizzas available.

We all know the moon is made of cheese. You now have the ability to permanently engrave anything into the moon, what do you choose?

The face of Nelson Mandela.  And prolly a quote from him.  See, Jesus may have died for your sins, but Nelson Mandela lived for them!®   (that is a good line, is it not?  I have decided to a make believe registered trademark on that)

What is that meal/food that you were obsessed with as a child?

Shrimp.  Its some kind of forbidden fruit.  To me then, and now.  And I love it, too.   Hmm.  It’s 10am on Friday morning, y’all got me starving already.


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