Friday Fives – Roy hates ole Miss edition

Mississippi Burning review – incandescent civil rights thriller | DVD and  video reviews | The Guardian

If you were forced to only watch one show in reruns, what show would be on the looping rerun reel.

There are a lot of show from my childhood I like to rewatch.  A Team, Greatest American Hero, Fall Guy, and Chips.  Here is the problem with that, they don’t hold up.  The acting in the 80s was fucking horrible.  There was NO nuance.  Everything was over the top exposition and over the top acting.  Also, those are all action-y shows.  Special effects don’t hold up terrible well.

There is one show that makes it out the miasma, and might hold up as well as Seinfeld.  That would be chips.  I can still watch chips over and over.  And its on tv 3 times a day around 6 pm on channel 2.4 in Denver.  No idea what that channel is, but we get it free with the HD antenna.

What is a super popular TV show or movie that you can’t stand?

Any scripted drama, I have zero interest in.  the law stuff, the medical stuff.  Don’t give a shit.  I love stuff like Breaking Bad, but it had an arc.  Any show that is a drama that it meant to go on for years seems silly.  Also, any ‘reality’ show with wicked hot people.  I am not against reality shows at all.  I just can’t relate to 9 different stupidly hot and young and ambitious kids.  Especially when that is the entire conceit.  Like, if you want to take those people and throw on the Ninja Warrior course, I am in!

What food is actually worse when hot?


French Fries? Krinkle cut, waffle cut, not peeled, standard? McDonald’s or somewhere else?

McDonalds fries still reign supreme, but only if you get them fresh.

What is the worst US state and why is it Mississippi?

Chose to pick ole Miss, huh?  Its pretty easy.  They may be the only state that spends less than Colorado on education.  If for some reason you would like to bag on the bible belt, count me in!

Mississippi ranked 49th in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best States rankings. The top ranked state was Washington, and Louisiana was ranked 50th. Arkansas clocked in at number 44, and Tennessee ranked 29th

Now, is it fair to assume everyone down there is racist, hooked on oxys, uneducated, unvaccinated?  Yes, I think it is.  For a colloquial shortcut, let’s just call it ‘Trump Country’.   At first, I felt bad just pickin’ on ole miss.  This is from my editor, not me.  BUT… then I remembered we are talking shit about Mississippi.  What are they gonna do?  Read?  Drive that 1979 Ford Escort up here to kick my lilly white liberal ass?  Maybe team me some fuckin’ decent manners?  Actually, I could use all of those things.  Couple requests, teach me how to moonshine (I am being serious here.  I have been brewing for decades… I want to move up to whiskey) and bring me some Oxys.  I’ll teach you to read.  For kicks, I googled what their state;s mask policy was, and it came back with “masks?  You some kinda fag?’    True story!

Don’t worry, you will be welcome here.  All my neighbors are racist conservatives, too!  Mark my words, as I have been saying this for a LONG time… and I want credit.   “There are no Democrats on dirt roads®”


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