Friday Fives – the ‘big clem’ lobby sneaks in

dead mandala

What’s Something That You Can Say During Sex, But Also At A Job Interview?

Hope I didn’t come too early

What do you think won’t exist in 2030?

Brand new internal combustion cars for the general public.  I only drove an electric car once, it wasn’t exciting.  I am all for it.  There are variables, though, that we don’t have answers yet.  I am a truck guy, and I tow.  They promise about 300 miles a charge on most of these cars.  Do you know why they go for that number?  Just about every single car’s fuel tank is designed to give you 300 miles of driving.  That goes for pick up trucks, too.  Lots of trucks have extra big gas tanks.  So… with trucks.  I know that towing a horse trailer loaded with a couple of 1,400 horses is going to impact my distance.  Another thing… at 6200 feet… it is cold as shit in the winter.  Heat draws a TON of energy.  On a car as we know it today, that heat is already being made by the engine.  So, it doesn’t take energy to create heat for the cabin.  But batteries don’t run hot, they can’t.

I am NOT saying this is a reason to not get an electric truck.  I am quite excited for them.  I just know to wait a few years until this stuff is hashed out.  Do you know that you can power your house with the new Ford Lightning truck?  It is amazing.  Power goes out (and it does where we live, out in the county a bit down dirt roads) and you can just plug your house into the truck.  Brilliant!  But then you think (or… should be thinking)… sure why not?  It’s a big box of batteries.  You can do that with any electric car.  It would seem that way, but not so far.  So far, Ford is the first one to do it.  I have had a lot of pick up trucks- eight-ish.  These included a couple Ford F250 super duty diesels.  I ended up getting rid of them because of, ironically, electrical problems.  The Ford lightning is the first major truck to roll out.  It’s a 2022 model, so it should be showing up on lots now.  The Tesla truck is interesting, but not sure that will ever show.  They haven’t even made any yet.  They are looking to start production next year.  So, maybe in like 4 or 5 years?

While I am not a paid shill for Ford, and have mostly been talking complete shit against the American auto companies for my 18 years here… this truck excites me.  Want to show you a random video about it.  the word ‘frunk’ is now in your vocabulary.  Tell y’all what.  I would be a shill for Ford.  Send me one these and I will write all about it.  This is their chance to reach tens of readers they might not otherwise have.

What smell is the most nostalgic for you?

You know what I love the smell of?  Good pot.  Really good pot.  Here is why I tell you that, I don’t smoke the stuff.  Can’t stand it.  It has a very bad effect on me.  In high school and college, I think I was the only person alive who didn’t smoke.  But man, the smell of really good pot is just terrific.

Who is your favorite Clem?

I don’t know any Clems.  Do you?  I even tried to google ‘list of favorite Clems’.  Google was no help.  Then, I tried to re-word it and trick them.  How about ‘list of best Clems’.  Tried Bing, no help either.  I think we are looking at a blackout on Clems.  There is very clearly a large and powerful anti-Clem lobby.   Let’s turn this on the Clems.  What the fuck did you guys do to get blocked by Google and Bing?  It’s the first time they have agreed on anything.  Clems suck.  I think we can assume that.  With that same, its now mathematically impossible to pick a favorite Clem, for they are all aholes.

Where is the fifth question?

I don’t know.  You tell me.  I don’t write these questions.


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