Friday Fives – rich or famous?

Pine Forest Mandala Art Print by LegendOfZeldy | Society6

if you could design your life exactly how you’d like, how famous would you be?

“obscure famous”.  Like, any other band member of a stadium rock band who isn’t the singer.  Think of… say..  Tom Hamilton or Brad Whitford.  Know who those guys are?  They are in Aerosmith, and have been for 50 years.  They must be stupid rich, but totally anonymous.  They could even tell you who they were and it wouldn’t meant much.  I guess that is more rich than famous.  Yes, I agree with myself.  Would rather be rich than famous. ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard echo’d a similar thought.  He is, interestingly, the only guy in ZZ Top who doesn’t have a beard.  Why not?  “so I can go out in peace.  Think those guys can go to a grocery store or walk down the street without being bothered?”

Here is a side story about that.  Years ago, before Drew Carey took over Price is Right… he was a touring comedian.  He had a very specific and iconic look.  He told a story about he dropped the glasses after having vision surgery.  He had also bleached his hair.  In short, he was unrecognizable as a celeb.  His insight from that was that “service sucks for non celebrities!”.  I like that.  See, when he said that, he isn’t rubbing in our face.  I read it as he was getting preferential service most places and didn’t realize it.  Until… he became invisible.

 The question to ask him now might be which he prefers.  Thing is, once again… he could be right behind you and you might not notice.  Here is how he looks today.  This is a look best laid out by Zach Galifinakis describing David Letterman’s new look.    Meth Santa Clause.

How often would you travel?

One week a quarter

How many people would live with you?

Just one, the wifey.  And whatever assorted animals.  Well… exactly what I am doing now, I guess.  With a bit more traveling.  And expensive traveling.  Driving anywhere is fine, and I still very much enjoy it.  But flying?  Would be only done private.  No more TSA, or having to take off my merkin, none of that.  The plane takes off when you get there.  You aren’t late, or early.

How often would you eat out at restaurants?

Hardly at all, just like now.  I love to cook.  I just might have better

What new hobby would you get into?

Knitting, of course.  Really, I don’t know.  More than likely, concentrate my time and energy (and money) on my existing hobbies:  guitars, brewing, volunteering.


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