Congratulations on your Govt installed chip

The trouble with companies asking workers to get microchip implants -
Have you recently received the Covid ‘vaccine’?   Congratulations, you are now a puppet of the Liberal Agenda.  You are now a cowering, commie loving, libtard, America hating, god is bad but gays are good, Democrat.

Before I explain what happens, I strongly suggest you watch the terrifically awesome Canadian comedy movie ‘Strange Brew’.  In that story, the bad guy (Max von Sydow) finds a way to do mind control via something he puts in the beer at Elsinore Brewery.  Once his minions (in this case, hockey players… the Canadians just went full stereotype on this one) can be controlled to kill once they drink the tainted beer, and Max von Sydow plays specific notes on a gothish keyboard.

Let’s see if I can just find a clip.

Ok, this is exactly what has, and will, happened to you.  Basically, the Dems have crafted about 100 million ‘Manchurian candidates’.  Do keep this in mind next time anyone offers you:  free health care, a ‘vaccine’, or an Elsinore beer.

That is most of it.   Where did all the chips come from?  Um, have you heard about this?  Coincidence?  Maybe that explains why I keep seeing ‘check engine’ every time I close my eyes.

Side effects include, but are not limited to:  not saluting stuff all the time, using a universal tv remote to sneak over to neighbor’s windows and changing their television to MSNBC, saluting stuff, zelling paychecks over to George Soros.  Hating on America, Taking people’s guns away. secretly becoming a gay Muslim, taking people’s guns.  Giving people guns, and then telling them what they can and can’t do.  You’re a Democrat now!  Eating tofu, eating veggie burgers, having empathy and possibly even sympathy with those less fortunate.   Reminding people America sucks.

Going door to door and extolling the virtues of no god.  “Good morning, can I tell you about the value of no Christ in your life?  Would you like a life of no accountability?  Would you like to take all your money and just hand it over to dark people who don’t work?  Would you dig make Ayn Rand references to people since you know it will be over their heads?  Welcome to the Democratic Party.  Now quit your job and seek govt assistance!”,

*** post script

Before you go all ‘Blame Canada’ on this (and you should)… Rush even warned us about this.  Yeah, that rush.   Did Rush write you a song?  no, I didn’t think so.  Dig this video, featuring the three most important Canadians alive. I am SO happy to report they are all alive, too.  This bit is about 40 years old.  Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, and Getty Lee.


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