Friday Fives – sorry its been a while

pumpkin-mandala-colour-in-wall-stickerWhat’s a popular food or drink that you dislike?

Tea.  I enjoy green tea in a pinch.  But, I would never order tea in a restaurant. gross.  is it a Southern thing?

 What is your addiction?


 What’s a bizarre historical event you can’t believe actually took place

That we kinda won WW2 on a bluff.  See, after Pearl Harbor, we were kinda pissed.   We told Japan to surrender, or we would nuke them.  They didn’t believe us.  So, we did.  Then, we told them again “dude, surrender or we will nuke another city”.  They didn’t think we had the balls to do something that horrible again.  They declined to surrender, so we bombed another city.   Then, we told them “we can do this all day.  Surrender, or we are going to pick off every city one at a time”    Japan then surrendered.  Here is what is remarkable about that story – we were out of bombs.  We only made 2.

 Which country will start WW3? Why?

Interesting question.  See, I don’t see the US being the superpower it was.  In fact, I think that began in the Bush era.  While the USA is still probably the best place to come if you are ambitious and capable, i think our influential on the world stage drops daily.

This question begs the reference of the amazing Einstein quote (who can get credit for ending WW2 by coming to the US and warning us about what Germany had).  “I do not know how WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

I think we can all worry about North Korea, though, who is more desperate to be taken seriously than Donald Trump.

I think it will be the us trying to still be a world power.

What is the most ridiculously believed piece of misinformation?

That the Dems/liberals invented Covid to make the GOP look bad.  I think amongst people who believe this are split between thinking Covid isn’t a real concern at all.   AND those who do acknowledge it but blame the Dems/Liberals for causing it/leaking it.  We aren’t that clever.  I say the same of people who think our own Govt caused/staged the attacks on 9/11.  Again, our officials aren’t that clever.  They literally can’t get anything passed or agreed upon.  There could be a bill in Congress called ‘puppies are cute’ with ZERO budget or riders attached, and it would be voted down by every member of the party who didn’t sponsor or.

Count me as one of the many Americans who think Congress (both halves… the Senate and the House) are useless and should be deeply punished.  BUT, I don’t blame them.  I blame us.  WE elected them.  How can over 80% of Americans think Congress sucks, YET they all get re-elected at a rate in the 90s.  Don’t complain, or sign petitions, or write them letters.  They don’t give a fuck if you keep electing them no matter what.

Here is my analogy about that.  Every time your got gets on the couch, you say ‘bad dog’ and then feed him bacon.  Yet, he never learns to get off the couch.  Why would he bother if you keep giving him bacon, no matter how angry the tone.  that is your vote.

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