Friday Fives – getting a round tuit

What is your favorite song that tells a story?

I see a theme here – storytelling songs, and/or singers.  OK, there are two truly greats in my estimation:  Todd Snider, and Arlo Guthrie.  Both tell what I assume are true stories.  So for that, the prize goes to Alice’s Restaurant!

What is your favorite LONG song (over 7 minutes)?

Let’s go Arlo one more time with the live version of ‘the Pickle Song’.  Has to be the live version, its fucking hilarious.

If somebody kidnapped you and said “You die unless you sing one song perfectly” which one would you choose?

The Weight, from The Band

What fictional character death hit you the hardest?

Hold on.  You are all over the road.  Lets focus on storytellers.  Let’s talk about Todd Snider.  Todd is so well known for telling more stories than songs that his live archive internet site is called 18 minutes.  Its because he is known to spend 18 minutes telling a set up to a 3 minute song.  Luckily, I have seen both live (Arlo, and Todd).  I want to tell the story about him (Todd) being a football player and discovering the ‘burnouts’,  but maybe I should let him tell it.

What fictional food would you like to try?

Ok, still have to keep you on topic?  Well, let’s go with this one.  Best storytelling IN a song. It’s sweet, happy, sad and bitter sweet.  A typical Todd Snider turn of words ‘yes sir, no sir.  She may be, but she is also a friend of mine.’ And then we find the picture and he was always in love.  Fuck.  Powerful.  “Didn’t want to throw my fishing line in that old mainstream”.

Like Arlo, you pretty much always want live Todd.  This is my favorite song of his.  AND version.  Not only is the storytelling great, but there are SO many great little lines in there.  “some say a live well live is the best revenge. I say bullshit, the best revenge is revenge.”  Or this John Prine’-ism.  “I wish I could show you how you hurt me in a way that wouldn’t hurt you, too!”  “I never liked the people where I was employed, they were all out to get me ‘cause I’m paranoid.”


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