Friday Fives – Shakespeare hasn’t much, either!***

Four Seasons Mandala - Window Sticker / Decal - Peace Resource Project

What is something positive going on in the world more people should know about?

             We are all learning a bit more about self reliance and preparation.

 If Covid hadn’t happened, how would your life be different right now?

I’d be typing this from my office, instead of an extra bedroom (aka Home Office) where I am.  An hour away from the office, on a Friday.  Its glorious.  Corp America and the world finally know what I was working on and proving over 20 years ago… work from home is SUPER feasible for many millions of jobs.  Think of the pollution saved from people not driving.

Correction, think of the pollution saved only if you are a ‘liberal snowflake’, as we know the right does not believe in the existence or consequence of pollution.

What actually has a 100% chance of happening?

Less educated people voting against their own self interest.  Aw heck, more educated people, too!  Basically, everyone including me sucks ass at Democracy.  You ALL hate Congress, don’t you?  You ALL think everyone of them are thieving lazy corrupt dipshits.  YET – they are all re-elected every time.   Over 90% of Congressfolk (am combining House of Representatives and the Senate, here) get re-elected. 

What’s the worst chore to do and why?

Dusting, I guess.  In that, it’s the only one I don’t do… or really even care about.  Yeah, I scrub toilets.   And not just when company is coming over.  Dusting, though?  That’s for squares, daddy!  Wait, that just counts for inside.  Outside?  Picking up the dog crap.

Who is the man behind the curtain?

A marketing executive.  Remember the tale of big brother?  How the Govt would follow you in the future and know everything you do, and everywhere you go?  It’s here, but its not the govt.  they don’t really care.  Honest!  Its corporations.  Its Amazon and Google, and our Kroeger card know you better than you know yourself.

*** – ok – that line at the top? It’s an old joke that goes something like this “I haven’t written much lately, but neither has Shakespeare


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