Friday Fives – return the cat or else

28 Mandala cake ideas | cupcake cakes, pretty cakes, henna cake

What’s your favorite candle scent?

Vanilla.  Yes, I know it’s a little white and boring, but I LOVE the smell.  Now, you know that shit in your cupboard isn’t actually Vanilla, right?  Its alcohol and wishes.  Vanilla only comes from one place on Earth, Madagascar.  It means that I have probably never experienced vanilla proper, either.

guess what else comes from Madagascar? cockroaches bigger than your hand. I google the link, but am not going to list it here.

lastly, without some googling effort, I have to admit I have NO idea where Madagascar is. Am thinking like Thailand South Pacific area. ok, let’s see how I did. Oh boy, I was WAY off. It’s off Africa. Yes, on paper, I am still a Nigerian prince. That doesn’t make those bugs anywhere

Do you have an artistic or crafty hobby? What is it?

Letter writing, mostly.  Not to brag, but this literature degree isn’t going to waste.  Perhaps you have seen my work.  It’s been studied for decades.  I am, indeed, a man of letters!

What’s one weird way you save money on food?

I eat paste.  Know that Elmer’s glue that you use to glue these notes together.  It’s cheap, and nearly 80% of my diet.

Do you collect anything weird or unusual?

Acoustic guitars.  And pictures of your mother.  I guess neither of those are terrible weird or unusual.

Do you fear the deep ocean, or does its unknown depths excite you?

Oh, everything down there is super fucked up.  I am staying away.  Look at the giant squid.  For decades, they knew it existed, but never seen or photographed alive.  It’s HUGE.  It’s eyeball is the size of your head.  All they knew is it lived very very low.  This meant, they assumed, it moved super slowly because there is no oxygen that low.  Then, they finally captured a live one on video, and it hauled ass.  It totally upended what we know about underwater.

And worse?  If you go even deeper > below the sharks, and giant squids, and coral… know what’s at the very bottom?   James Cameron. 100% of the time. Then, you’ll make small talk about the Avatar sequel. I know, its ten years overdue. He will swear it still totally going to happen.

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