Friday Fives – Fill in the blank edition

1. I can’t get enough of ___.

Ice cream.  My god how I love ice cream.  I could eat a gallon a day.

2. If only I had ___.

More ice cream?  My two front teef?  The knowledge and wisdom I have now, but in the body of my 20 year old self?

3.  I want to listen to ___.

More Ozzy and Scorpions, of late.

4.  I have too much  ___.

Access to Ozzy and Scorpions

5.  If only I could see ___.

Your sister nekkid.  And the Scorps… never seen them live. Not even sure how that is possible. Seen the Allman’s about 16 times, see Iron Maiden about 8- 10, James Taylor? over 10 times. You know what is odd about the Scorpions? That they are a German band who only sings in English. Like, even when they play in Germany… they are still only singing in English. That puzzles and delights me.

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