#slapgate #slapstrong #oscarstrong #gatestrong

WTF?  Look at these pictures.  That is a group of A Listers ‘comforting’ Will Smith after he jumped a guy in front of about a hundred million people.  This isn’t about the slap.  It’s about the aftermath.  and they the hell aren’t people distancing themselves?  Like that time when I tried to slap Bradley Cooper at Starbucks?  NO ONE came to my defense!  Where was the white power elite?  You know… um… James Taylor, Bill Clinton, Carrot Top.

Cooper could be seen consoling Smith in the moments after the unscripted onstage meltdown

Denzel Washington, left, Will Smith, center,  and Tyler Perry, console an emotionally unstable Will Smith during the Oscars

Denzel, Tyler Perry, and Bradley Cooper rush to help and comfort Will Smith.  Right after he beat that guy.  I don’t see anyone rushing to the victim.  If this was Kanye smacking people, it wouldn’t be a scandal. We know he is deeply nuts.  But Will Smith was the likable non threatening guy.  I not only lost respect for Smith, but for all of his little butt boy celeb tenders.  And there is a LOT of back and forth ‘who was right, or who was wrong’.  There is no discussion.   None.  A comedian, whose soul job it is to make fun of people and tell jokes, did so.  Will Smith laughed.  Initially.  Couple other things to remember, that do not help his case.  When he won, he apologized to everyone EXCEPT Chris Rock.  Also, when he won, he got a standing ovation.  From the same fucking people who just watched him jump a guy.

Lastly, Will Smith partied his dick off at an Oscar’s after party.  THEN, a day or two later is a tearful apology.  Will Smith is a dick.  And why did black power elite (I just made that term up, but I think its accurate) immediately rally to Will.  You just know Will is the kinda guy now who throws boiling coffee at his assistants when they mess up his food order.  Speaking of his tearful apologies... that is some Oscar worthy acting.

How does it get solved?  I’ll tell you the only way.  Chris Rock, and Will Smith sit down with Gayle King and power through the issues.  the anger, the embarrassment, the fallout, the works!  We need some time, too.  Heck, they need some time.  Lord knows their publicists need some time.  So, let’s set this for late summer.  That is the long term grown up solution.  Wanna patch this up quick, and control the narrative?  Both need to get on to SNL pronto (and unannounced) and do a bit.  These are the choices.  otherwise, Will Smith has a long decade in the desert to ‘hug the cactus‘.  Word is Will Smith has already lost several projects.

Btw, how thrilled are Ellen and James Corden right now?  Both have been brutalized in the media for being total dicks.  Elllen lost her show because of it.  Well, she never decked anyone.  Correction, she prolly has.  She never decked anyone on national live tv.

before some ahole starts calling this ‘slap-gate’, or ‘Oscar-gate’, I am claiming that stupid shit.  Same with that stupid suffix #strong.   I can prove it.  I am #GateStrong


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