Friday Fives – the anti bucket list

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What’s something you never want to do again?

Nothing comes to mind, but I’ll tell you one that would take some serious convincing… and valium – flying to Asia.  We went to Thailand, which was amazing. I would move there tomorrow.  But the flight, oh boy.  The first flight was a few hours to get to Seattle.  Then, 14 hours to South Korea.  Then, 6 more hours to Bangkok.  That was some brutal shit.  We lost two days to get there, basically.  One day lost in transit, and another day lost to time zones.

Yes, I get these are first world problems, but you asked!  Thailand was AMAZING, as was Angkor Wat in Cambodia… but getting there sucked ass.  I have done a bit of travel writing on my site, if you are interested in more.  These are the ‘Travel Thai-aries

What is something you find easy but that most people have trouble with?

Conversation with strangers.  I learned to read people very quickly.  I can generally tell, pretty much unconsciously, if I can joke or be friendly with someone.

If there were a show called Moderately Uncomfortable Factor (instead of Fear Factor), what would be some of the tasks or stunts?

‘Long haul’ flying.  Again, getting to travel all around the world has been a blessing.  But, wherever you are reading this, do NOT move for 6 hours.  Not even for the bathroom.  And six hours is nothing, that is just to Hawaii.  Anywhere in Europe begins at an 8 hour flight.  Now, add in my add and back problems… and it makes for a long day.  How do you do it?  You do it by being patient and disciplined.  Me?  Valium and Bourbon.  Rinse and repeat every few hours.  Want a good, helpful, and funny tutorial on cheap airplane drinking?  Take it from a pro, me!

What are three items you cannot live without?

Coffee, sleep, something to read

If you had to choose one “life hack” to winning people over, what would it be?

This is easy, and I have mentioned it many many times here.  But I will do it again.  Treat service people better.  Treat them human.  ANY TIME you see someone wearing a name tag, use it!  As you walk up to a retail counter or grocery store store, note their name, quickly.  They will greet you “How are you today, sir?”  “Karen, I am SO glad you asked that.  I think my dog is sneaking the car out at night!”  have some fun, lighten up, Francis.

Oh, here is another.  Don’t be interesting, be interested!

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