Friday Fives – say anything


1. Without saying the name of the movie, what is a movie quote most people would know?


2. What famous person died too soon?

Chris Cornell.  Perhaps you know him as a great and powerful and sometimes gentle singer.  Growing up, I did not.  In Soundgarden, he just screamed.  I didn’t know he could sing until this perfect angel of a song arrived on the Single’s soundtrack.  Sidebar to that?  Ok.  A bit ago, they released a box set of sorts to that soundtrack.  The day it arrived in my mailbox was the day he died.

3. What’s a great song about music or records?

Feels so Good – Robert Earl Keen

4. What song has such a great, powerful grand climax/finale, that they make you shudder every time?

it would have to be something from Jimi Hendrix masterpiece (and last album) Electric Ladyland.   Sidebar – you can probably find about 30 different Jimi Hendrix releases to buy.  Did you know he only made 3 records?  All inside a year and a half (1967-1968).   Anyhow, if you like Hendrix, you still may not know that album.  Listen to it with headphones (not earbuds… headphones you young punk). and also on mushrooms.

Tell you what, I’ll let you do earbuds, but don’t skip the mushrooms.  and don’t act like you don’t have any, either.  If you don’t, your parents do.  its in your dad’s sock drawer.  Barring that?  Ask Steve.  Steve always had the hookup.  Not namin’ names or anything.

5. What was your best/favorite Album/CD/Cassette find from the Colombia House Music Club

knowing me, at that age, it was probably Pat Benetar or Billy Idol.  In case there is a reader under 40, the Columbia Music House was a deal where they sent you 10 cassettes for a penny.  The deal then was… it was a subscription you had just signed up for.  For the next year or 12, you were supposed to pay full price ($10) for a new cassette each month.  I don’t think anyone ever did.  What are you going to do, trash my credit?  I was probably 10 or 12.


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