the Manson murders in gruesomely… simple terms.

Really, it was simple.  It can be simply explained in a single sentence.

Charlie had a guy killed as revenge for backing out on a record deal.

Charles Manson and Afton Burton

That is what all of those murders about.  Yes, it also involves cults and drugs and sex and brain washing.  Yes, this little freakshow monster got other people to murder for him.

The cover up, the build up, how you get people murder for you… not as simply explained.  But the whole string of murders is this.  Charlie (I can call him that, you can’t) felt/believed he was promised a record deal by hit record mogul Terry Melcher.  You can blame Dennis Wilson for this introduction.  Well, it turned out Terry did not have a record deal for Charlie.  Charlie felt deeply aggrieved by the reneging on the recording contract.  So he had him killed.  That is it.  Everything simply stems from that.

The stuff you have heard is likely all true.  Charlie was an evil genius, it was a cult, he was a criminal mastermind, and odds are he killed (or had killed) a bunch more folks than the Tate and LaBianca murders.

Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson Had a Brief and Bizarre Friendship -  Biography

above, Dennis Wilson (left) and Charles Manson (right).  A lot of blame can, and should, be thrown at Dennis Wilson’s feat for empowering Charles Manson and his harem.  Charlie and the girls lived at Dennis Wilsons mansion for months.  Until Dennis realized they were all batshit crazy and destroying his house and life.  It was so bad that rather than kick Charlie out, he moved himself out.  Dennis is the one who told Charlie he had talent.  Dennis is the one who brought Charlie’s song to the Beach Boys.  Did you know the Beach Boys recorded and released a Manson song?  They did.  Dennis truly saw so much potential in Charlie that he wrangled in their label guy to give him (Charlie) a deal.  I wrote more about this here.  But this relationship, and connection, triggered the murders more than anything or anyone else. I wrote about this several years ago here.

Charlie sent his girls to Melcher’s house to ‘kill everyone’.  Thing is, that was the right house, but Melcher had moved by then.  It was just bad luck for whomever moved in next.  Two nights later, the gang strikes again at the La Bianca family home.  At this one, Charlie was there.  The reason for that one?  To cover up the first one, so that they both looked like random gruesome killings.  It was a smart plan, too… and it worked.  Manson was never on the cops radar for that.  He got popped because in one of their many stints in jail for car theft, one of Charlie’s angel’s bragged about the killing.

So these deaths had NOTHING to do with a race war, or any of that jive.  All off that was a false flag to divert attention away from Charlie feeling slighted about missing his recording contract.  Charlie was good, though.  He even convinced the girls of all this race war end of times stuff.

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