Friday Fives – back to the future, Newt

The Two Coreys (TV Series 2007–2008) - IMDb

What was normal in the 1990s but rare or nonexistent now?

The Coreys

What food do most people think is healthy but is actually unhealthy?

I like that every few years coffee goes from hero to zero.  I am aggressively pro-coffee and caffeine.  They do the same with eggs.

What is something that is “not a cult” but seems like a cult?

Conservative politics, and how that side will no longer compromise on anything, and it makes me furious.  This isn’t new, it goes back to around Newt Gingrich era.  In the days before then, there was compromise.  It looked like this “I know you two hate each other, but we have a budget to put out.  No one leaves this room until a deal reached.  This means both of you will have to give in to concessions to the other.   To me, that defines politics.  You give a little, I give a little.  But let’s walk away with something that helps people that we both can live with.  That has been gone for about 20 to 30 years and I 100% blame the Republican party.

What is something that is “not a cult” but seems like a cult?

Didn’t you just ask me this?  Is this you ‘programming’ me?  Its starts with love bombing, right?  Then goes into isolation, and control?  That is all fine.  I just want new Nike’s out of it.

What modern-day practice/ belief is most likely to be considered barbaric and outdated in the future?

Oh man, I have been talking about this a lot lately.  Medicine.  When we look back at medicine a 100 years ago, it looks barbaric.  Trepanation, shock therapy, leaches, etc.  Did you know in WW1 far more people died from infection than guns?  In some cultures, medicine is a guy doing a dance.  Look at my knee.  I have a 4 inch scar from an ACL surgery from 20 years ago.   I have a friend who is about 15 years older than me.  He had the same surgery, but had it about 15 years before me.  His scar is a foot long.  I know someone who had their knee surgery about 5 years ago and it was arthroscopic.  What that means is super tiny pin points is all the scarring that is left.  Its invisible, and even though its surgery, you are never cut open.

I tell you that to tell you this – I think in a 100 years, we will surely look back and anything we are doing now and just laugh at how barbaric it is.

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