Friday Fives – rock music… and chlorine… are polluting the world

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What single ingredient will spoil an entire meal for you if it’s included?

i have flavors I don’t love, but can’t think of anything that repels me. I don’t like dill, but that is rarely present outside of fish dishes.  I also don’t like coconut… partly.  Like, cononut milk is the bomb!  Ever had coconut milk right out of the coconut, it is yummy and sweet.   BUT, on deserts people put this dry white flakey stuff that is gross.  I guess that is the dehydrated pulp that is shredded, but that stuff is gross.

What is a lot more dangerous than most people think?

Bleach.  It IS great for cleaning, it is also super duper toxic.  Crazy bad for the environment.  Free tip, vinegar is also is super effective cleaner. Also, to demonstrate, its all a shitty and wildly overrated Nirvana album. I am a big fan of debut albums – Ten from PJ, Gish from the Pumpkins, XXX live from Jane’s Addiction, Live like a suicide by Guns & Roses, Opiate from Tool. But real early Nirvana isn’t great. Neither is early Grateful Dead. Neither is early Chili Peppers.

Know why bleach is such a great cleaner? Because it kills everything.  That is also what makes it so dangerous.  We are talking about hole in the ozone type serious concern.  Do you guys remember that, hole in the ozone?  It’s back, and was caused by Chlorofluorocarbons.;  Those are carbon chains with chlorine.  That is what the beginning of the word is.  Chlorine (aka bleach) is the beginning part of that word.  CFCs.   CFCs are bad.  How to avoid using CFCs?  Stay away from bleach, Styrofoam, and spray cans that use propellent (a la hair spray).  These are easy things to avoid in your life.

Why do I know all the science of this stuff?  In high school and college I worked at Greenpeace, and this was one of our campaigns.  CFCs are bad.  And you will still see Styrofoam, and spray cans with propellent… but why?  Weren’t these things banned?  Yes.  Don’t these packages say proudly ‘made with no CFCs’?  yes, they do… and NEVER believe that.  Here is the work around – they added an inert molecule to the chain, a hydrogen bond.  So, now they aren’t CFCs, technically.  They are now HCFCs.  Still just as dangerous, though.  It’s like if I put a sign up that said ‘no cars’, and you parked there anyway.   Hey man, the sign say no cars!   Right, but it doesn’t say no ‘green’ cars.  My car is green.  Its not a car, it’s a green car.

Non CFC Icon. Ozone Friendly Sign. Globe Green Symbol. Logo Template.  Vector Illustration Stock Vector - Illustration of hand, friendly: 178075652

If you see this logo, or anything like it, you can be positive it has CFCs.

Plus, if they are so eco, why put ‘no CFCs on the label’ unless you are hiding something?  Like, if you mom walks in and says ‘whatcha doing?”.  You don’t say “I am NOT planning a surprise party for you.  That much is certain.”

What movie did you see at way too young of an age?

I recall going to see ‘an Officer and a Gentleman’ at the movies when I was a kid.  I remember it being scandalous, as it was an R movie.  I recall nothing R about it, but odds are in this era it would be a PG-13.  I don’t even remember the movie, just that I saw, and it was R.  and, it has this legendary scmaltzy soundtrack masterpiece ‘Love Lift Us up Where We Belong’ with Joe Cocker.

What is a lot more dangerous than most people think?

Asking the same question twice.  Not paying attention to detail.  Maybe you didn’t notice we hit this in question #2?  Why are you wasting my time with this mindfuckery?  Is this all some kind of joke to you?  You some kinda cop?  You know, legally if I ask you that you have to tell me.  I will kill you, I will kill you dead.  Do you remember what Michael Scott said about Toby?  That is what I would do to you.

The Toby Continuity Mistake You Likely Missed On The Office

If I had a gun with two bullets, and I was in a room with Hitler, bin-Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice. Michael Scott  – Michael Scott

What is your go to song to test a headphone or earbud’s quality?

Wow.  odd.  100% story, just tonight i did a 3x ear bud test.  Wifey got a new phone today (Pixel 6a) and some new fancy earbuds.  Previously, she was using Airpods, and I am using a fantastic cheapy ear bud – $30, MPow.  Since she was upgrading away from her Air pods, I asked if I could try them.  So, we tried her earbuds that debuted on the market today – pixel buds 6a and compared them to my cheapy mpow ear buds and her air pods.  What did I like?  The air pods had superior top end, but no bass.  They sat loosely in my ear, so they didn’t create bass or any kind of ear protection/noise canceling.  This is important to me, as I use these on my loud ass diesel tractor.  You know how most ear buds have a super soft squishy rubbery latexy cover that helps seal the ear?  The air pods don’t.  It’s all hard plastic, so there is no seal.  So, I was most happy with mpows.

To answer your question, i started with something that would have a lot of crisp top end.  Mandolin, acoustic guitars, flute… Jethro Tull’s ‘Cheap Day Return’.  You know Aqualung, Locomotive Breath, Cross Eyed Mary…  the heavy stuff of side one.  Side two of Aqualung is all these beautiful delicate acoustic melodies, just as good and catchy as the side one rockers.

Ok, other song i tested… to test the balls of sound – Judith from a Perfect Circle.  Also works is anything from Tool’s first album, Opiate.



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