Friday Fives – do we capitalize Covid?

Running Coronavirus Red Dangerous Bacterium Escapes Or Catches Up Stock  Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

Did you catch Covid?

Was it running?  Memba… that old fridge joke?   “Is your fridge running?”  Hell’s yeah I did!  It was March or April.  I know I was double vacc’d, but may not have been boosted.  It was mild.  I mean… it sucked, but I wasn’t hospitalized or anything like that.  I didn’t even suspect it was Covid, I just thought I had a bad cold.  It lasted about a week.

If not, how, what did you?

But, I did.  And frankly, besides you clearly not paying attention to the answers here, to even ask me is a HIPAA violation.  I work with Medicaid for a living, and we are going to sue your ass!

What is the future of covid

It will be remain a part of our lives, and hopefully the annual vacc for that will be rolled into the annual flu vacc.

What is next for the superbugs?

You would have to ask Antifa and George Soros.  Its common knowledge by now that the virus was a worldwide hoax specifically designed to undermine President Trump’s standing in the public eye.  DOY!

It is supposed to be over, but do you still where a mask, social distance and stay at home?

I was wearing a mask for the latest upswing in May/June/July.   But, I am not wearing one now.  Wifey and I still always keep one near in our cars.  All doc appts and physical therapy appointments still require them, though.  No, I don’t expect to keep on with social distancing.  But, I guess we are all at least a little more considerate of people’s personal space at the store now.


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