Friday Fives – I never ONCE mentioned Tom Hanks, so why are you even bringing it up

6. In Other People's Shoes | T100 Festival

What jobs/careers are on the verge of extinction?

Journalism.  And that should scare you.  Why get a journalism degree?  1. Anyone can publish.  I publish, and I have no formal training.  Well, I have more than you… but not by much.  And 2. Newspapers are dying/dead.  Why spend a house on getting a degree for a job that likely won’t exist.  In the Trump era, we have learned that people will believe anything they read online.  Of course, some years ago I tested this theory.  The awesome results are here, and here.

How do you find your phone other than calling it and retracing steps?

Oh… that was my plan.  Is there another plan?  I do keep a note in my phone, just a slip of paper between the case and the phone that says “you found my phone, thank you!  My name is Kevin, please call my wife at 303.210.****)

What is something you buy that MUST be a brand name?

Sarah wrap, the clear stuff.  Don’t cheap out with generic.

What’s a movie that can be identified by one quote?

Inconceivable.  Normally, I would link such a classic scene.  NAY, I would embed.  If I were to do, though, it would undermine the premise of the question.

OOH – here is an even better one.  One sentence, from 40 years ago.  This is even better than the one up top.  The finest movie ever made.  A movie that had no script, as every actor improviser all of their dialogue.  “It goes to 11”

What was the toy you wanted as a kid but never got?

My childhood was amazing.  I will make nary a single complaint of what I didn’t get.  Both of my parents worked full time to raise us boys.  We had nothing but love and opportunity and security from them.  Why are you trying to get me to bash my family?  Because you didn’t get the stretch Armstrong?  We did.  And yes, he does burn.  That was pretty much the quality test we employed.  Can it stand 3 boys?  Can it burn, or be blown up.  All toys can, and should, be judged in this manner.


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