Friday Fives – didn’t I already tell this story?


What job position is 100% undervalued and under paid?

The guys from the power company that have to go out in blizzards and work from buckets lifted two stories up to fix powerlines.  Even if they are millionaires, and only work one day a year… they deserve more.  That is the scariest and most seemingly impossible job I can imagine.  Let’s just stop and think about all that goes into it.

The powerline went down along Camelhead Rd to between 40th and 42nd.  Looks like an accident, a car ran into it during white out blizzard conditions.

Well, we can’t do anything until the fire department clears the car accident.  Ok, the car is towed away. Lets get the line back up.   Well, we need a new poll, this poll is busted in half what with the car hitting it at 42 mph hour.

Bob is coming, and he has a temp poll he can string up.  just use that.

Ok, but there is an inch of solid ice on the electrical line.  Where is normally weights 640lbs point to point it now weighs 1300 lbs.  Oh, and water is super conductive, be mindful of that.   Now, we are going to lift you up in this bucket, don’t worry about the total white out or the fact that its snowing hard outside.  And don’t think about slippery the road is… or that someone may slide into your repair truck just as easy as that car slammed into the telephone poll.  They are also the folks that never get to say no.  Them, and fireman… that’s it.  

What would be your ideal career choice if you had no financial constraints?

Red Cross type stuff > disaster action planning and support.  I’ve been a volunteer with the ARC for over 20 years now doing all that stuff.  But, I am very limited in my ability to help due to having to work.  Woe is me, and yes I do believe I hear the world’s tiniest volunteer.

What’s the most legendary work meltdown you’ve seen?

I’ve seen a few.  More than a few, actually.  I have managed in call centers since 1997.  I’ll tell you one of my favorite, but it was so subtle if you didn’t know what was happening… you would have seen anything.  Start here.  So this gal, a very new hire, began to realize she sent her VERY petty email to everyone in the corporation a pissy email she thought was just going to her boyfriend.  Well, the call center was a pretty open floor.  A ‘bullpen’ style like this, where if you stand up you can see anyone. We all knew who this girl was.  We all looked that way.  Not sure what we were hoping or expecting to see… but we looked that way.  She stood up and looked out.  Saw approx. 200 to 350 faces staring at her.  She started crying and abruptly walked out.  Don’t use ‘reply to all’.  Its not even this gal’s fault she used reply to all.  She was young and very new to Microsoft office and the corporate world and all of that.  It can be totally forgiven.

No sir, that isn’t what sunk her.  What sunk her was exposing what a vile thankless selfish piece of shit she was.  Company was going to pay you to NOT work, to give you food and booze FREE… WHILE paying you to work, and take everyone and their families to an amusement park on their dollar.  And this little 20 something monster just bitched about every aspect of it.  Needless to say, no one went after her.  So really… maybe the lesson isn’t about ‘reply all’.  Maybe our lesson is about being grateful and appreciative of the things we have.

What hobby screams rich people?

Airplane bowling.  Its’ a real thing involving chucking stuff out of Cessna’s for fun.  Use your imagination.  Oh, and Polo.  I mean… we have horses… and don’t know anything about Polo.  Don’t think I’ve ever even see it in real life, but I’d like do.  I’d like to see some kind of blue collar rancher version, though.  Something at the National Western.  I know you have Red Rocks on your bucket list, and Garden of the Gods (same mountain ridge made both) and rightfully so.  But a couple other things to add?  The Dinosaur tracks in Morrison (less than a mile from Red Rocks, in fact) and the National Western Stock Show.  Nothing makes me feel more Coloradoan or more like a dude than being at the National Western.

You meet your 10 year old self, but can only tell them 5 words. What do you tell them and why?

Invest in apple stock.  Mayonnaise.



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